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Jarvis (SMU) (creator)
Built-in blades and machine guns
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Muta (SMU) was the Shattered Mirror version of Muta.


Like his OU counterpart, he was also built by a version of Jarvis, and was launched into space. However, SM Muta never crashed into the Matoran Universe, instead running into a space fleet owned by the Great Beings. He was "adopted" by Okk, who sent him through the original Shattered Mirror once it was completed.

After arriving in the Original Universe through the Shattered Mirror I, he crash-landed on an asteroid and remained there, inactive. A few months later, when multiple beings arrived on the asteroid including the OU's Muta, Shockwave, Yon and Trantoshen, he was awoken by their presence and immediately started firing at the group. He engaged in a one-to-one battle with Muta, and revealed to him the shocking revelation that Muta stands for 'Multiple-Utility Tactical Automatron' and was built by the great engineer/scientist Jarvis. Angered and confused at this, Muta took their fight into space, where the brawl continued, until Ferox flew into them, demanding information on Jarvis too, having learned that Muta was built by him.

Muta and Ferox fought each other for weeks, neither one gaining an advantage over the other until Ferox remembered he had gravity powers, and crushed Muta.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

SM Muta, like the original Muta, had strong powers of teleportation and telekinesis. However, his design was different; he was covered in spiked black armour and had built-in guns in his arms. He was also able to transform into a cube.