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Void Armour equipped with
teleportation rays and disintegrator
Home Reality

Monarch was a human scientist who planned to take over the universe by capturing superpowered individuals and forcing them into his army. His plan was thwarted by Blackout, who killed him.


Most of Monarch's motives and origins are a complete mystery. He wore a suit that he called the "Void Armour" and acquired a massive, highly-advanced spaceship equipped with stasis pods. He came up with a plan that involved him building an army of superpowered individuals to take over the universe. He spent an unknown amount of time collecting candidates before he found and overpowered Kakamu, adding him to his collection.[1]

When Blackout found that somebody had abducted his chief scientist, he was not happy. He followed the teleportation signal left by Monarch and arrived on board his ship. He saved Kakamu, then teleported Monarch to a nearby planet and fought him. Zev Raregroove also travelled to that planet and aided Blackout by casting a spell which made Monarch see multiple Blackouts. Monarch was battered after the fight and fled into nearby woods.[1]

Monarch then tried to gather his army once again, only to be forced to once again escape when his army rebelled and took over his ship. Blackout then took over the helm and crashed the ship into Monarch, killing the human, and leaving the ship to drift in interdimensional space.[1]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

It is unknown if Monarch had any natural powers of his own because all the powers he was seen using originated from his suit. They are:

  • Teleportation rays: Monarch could fire rays from his suit that teleported victims to set coordinates, e.g. his ship.
  • Disintegrator rays: Monarch could fire disintegration blasts from his suit which could break down matter into its composing atoms.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • In the Dark Universe, "Monarch" is the moniker of Adam Monroe, an immortal servant of Dukamu who wears a similarly-functioning suit. It was implied that Adam was not the original Monarch in this universe, but this is unconfirmed. Like his OU counterpart, DU Monarch captures various superpowered beings and puts them in stasis in a pocket dimension known as The UG. The reason why is unclear as of yet.


  • Monarch is based off the DC Comics character of the same name. However, BZPB's Monarch differs from DC's Monarch quite a bit. The only real similarities they have are that they are both would-be conquerors equipped with powerful armor and the plan to build an army of superpowered individuals for their own purposes.
  • User:Kon intended for Monarch to be a much bigger threat than he ended up being. Plans changed when Blackout followed Monarch's teleportation signal, which Kon did not anticipate happening so early, and when Zev came after him as well.


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