Monarch (DU)

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Formal Name
Adam Monroe
Void-Armoured Suit, jetpack, matter cannon with atomization/teleportation settings
Buried alive in an unknown location
Home Reality

Monarch is the alter-ego of Adam Monroe, a powerful and ambitious character hailing from the Dark Universe.


Most of Monarch's early life is a completely mystery, though he claims that he has lived for "over four hundred years", something which is supported by his power of immortality. At some point he chose to ally himself with Dukamu, which turned out to be a good idea for him as the alliance protected him from thousands of potential threats. One day, Dukamu formulated a plan to conquer a different universe, and shared this plan with Monarch. Monarch was instructed to stay in the Dark Universe until the right time, while Dukamu entered the OU and began working towards his plan.

Several years later, the signal came, and Monarch entered the portal into the OU that opened for him. Dukamu greeted Monarch, and told him that they were at "stage six" of the plan. Monarch also met SMK while there, who accidentally revealed that the Shattered Mirror Universe was not a splinter timeline of the Dark Universe, and was in fact completely independent. Not wishing to work with someone not from their universe, Monarch destroyed SMK's armour in front of DUK and exiled his antidermis to the UG. Dukamu understood that he did what had to be done, as he wasn't aware that the SMU was completely different from the DU until that point. Dukamu then instructed Monarch to repopulate the UG, which he did by abducting several characters from across the multiverse.

Some time later, he was seen breaking into the Knowledge Dimension along with Claw and his master. After Claw severed a guard's psionic implants, which drove her insane, Monarch offered to put her out of her misery. The suggestion was dismissed by Dukamu, who said that they could make use of the information still stored in her brain, specifically the location of "The Aleph".

While on a mission, a detector on Monarch's suit alerted him to a Jopulon energy spike on the surface of Archon-7. When he went to investigate, he discovered Trantoshen, Evander, Gene and Nadira arguing over a disk that was the source of the energy.

Later, he tracked down and teleported several more characters to the UG, including Kakamu, Etende, Spanha, Masaharu, and Micros. These five were soon freed by User Kon and User MK. User Kon then found Monarch and buried him alive.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Without suit[edit]

  • Quick Healing and Immortality - Adam is able to heal from any mental or physical injury incredibly quickly, with his ability even allowing him to return from death unscathed. Due to the nature of his ability, he ages extremely slowly if at all, as evidenced by his appearance as a man in his early thirties despite actually being hundreds of years old. Sometimes if there is an object lodged in his body, such as a bullet or a piece of glass, the wound will not be able to heal until the object is removed.
Monarch's base suit, without modification

With suit[edit]

  • Local and Cross-Dimensional Teleportation - Teleportation technology encoded into Monarch's suit allows him to teleport anywhere in the OU, the UG and the Dark Universe, provided approximate co-ordinates are coded into the wrist-mounted navigation device. Additional destinations are possible, but Monarch has yet to discover the co-ordinates needed to reach them.
  • Selective External Teleportation - With the teleport setting on the suit's Matter Cannon, Monarch can teleport whatever person or object he fires upon to a set destination.
  • Complete Matter Breakdown - The atomization setting on the suit's Matter Cannon enables the cannon to reduce targets to scattered atoms when fired.
  • Forcefield Projection - A device built into the other arm of Monarch's suit is capable of creating spherical forcefields. Monarch often uses this to trap targets before teleporting them.
  • Invulnerability - The Void Armour that most of the suit is made of cannot be damaged by physical force or energy-based attacks. However, it is still vulnerable to those who have the ability to break down matter.
  • Flight - The jetpack system built into the back of the suit allows Monarch to fly or hover in place for a limited period of time.


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