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The subject of this article appeared in posts or stories that were lost in the Great Dataclysm or subsequent archive deletions.
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This article is about the Makutoa of Electricity. For the person who used to be called MMoS, see Blackout.

Mmos is a Makutoa of Electricity. He appeared in the aftermath of the Battle of Ricochet v. Everyone. He shot at Blackout, who responded by trying to make Mmos fall into a black hole. Mmos made the black hole implode, and then surrounded Blackout with a ring of event horizons. Blackout then turned out to be a dummy, which exploded, hurling Mmos into the Zone of Darkness. He then came back.

Mmos then attacked Blackout again. Blackout threw a Thornax at him, which Mmos ate. He then killed Kihri. Kakamu then threw some Prometium at Blackout, but he ducked, and the Prometium hit Mmos instead, damaging his helmet. Mmos then damaged Kakamu's body with an electromagnetic surge, and then pulled Blackout into the air, and was about to slam him down, when Kakamu engulfed him in a blast of fire. Mmos then paralyzed him, and went back to fighting Blackout, who realized Mmos couldn't be hurt by Nox energy and attacked him with a machine-gun instead. He recoiled in pain, and then jumped into an AAV and started firing at Blackout. The AAV then transformed into a mecha called Scattershot, which Blackout promptly disabled. Mmos jumped out of the mech and attacked Blackout with a sword, and then somehow went to another planet.