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"Mistgun" is a secretive but skilled and highly knowledgeable member of the Conquistadores Guild, classified as an S-Rank mage. While his true nature and identity are a mystery, he has proved himself a trustworthy member of the Guild. He is the Guild's unofficial second-in-command: Zev intends for Mistgun to take over the Conquistadores in any event that he can't remain as the leader, but is worried about his reclusive nature.



For some mysterious reason that has yet to be revealed, Mistgun keeps his face and hair covered at all times. He wears a full dark blue bandana over his hair and another, green-colored bandana around his face, positioned just beneath his introspective brown eyes. White bandages are also wrapped around his arms, legs, and feet. He wears a dark blue cloak and large pauldrons at the top of his legs.


Mistgun is probably the most reclusive of Zev's close allies, and as such, most of his past is a mystery. He knows many secrets of the universe, and he is normally completely calm and fearless, even in the face of danger or when meeting with highly feared beings.

Mistgun enjoys meditation, and prefers things to be quiet, although he can occasionally be convinced to join in with parties; usually it's Zev that convinces him on the last part. He has a taste for soda and apples.

With a brilliant intelligence, great wisdom of how the universe works, a skill with trickery and a penchant for being one step ahead of everyone else, in addition to the veil of mystery surrounding most of his techniques, high proficiency in magic, and talent for manipulating the flow of information and battle, Mistgun is not someone to trifle with. He is an implacable enemy, a steadfast ally, and is known for regularly showing up precisely when and where he's needed. Mistgun would never betray the faith his allies have placed in him, and his loyalty to Zev is sheerly unbreakable.


Early Appearances[edit]

All of Mistgun's early appearances in the RPG were lost in the Great Dataclysm. It is known that, in his first appearance, he defeated all twenty subdivisions of the Phantom Lord Guild singlehandedly so that Zev would have a better chance against the remaining members of that group. He also encountered Cthulhu at some point, and began watching over Namah following her battle with the Caged Lion. Namah mistook him for someone named "Gérard" for some reason - No information is available on Gérard past his name, so it is unknown why Namah would mistake Mistgun for him.

Mistgun helped Namah battle the Caged Lion again, but Namah was unable to get her revenge because the Caged Lion was whisked away by The Nomad before she could do much damage to the perverted cat. She was later attacked and nearly killed by John Shepard, but Mistgun intervened, saving her life. After several more mishaps, Mistgun and Namah found themselves fighting a Nightmare at a place known as the Cliffs of Ekklesia.

At some point, Keichi and Jedediah Stormen hatched a plot to lure the Conquistadores to a desert planet so that they could capture Klak from under their noses. When he arrived on the planet, Mistgun was sent on a wild goose chase by Quick Billy, who really just wanted him out of the way so Keichi could abduct Klak. However, Mistgun returned just in time to witness said capture: He traded blows with Keichi, but the Pirate Lord escaped with his prize.

Mistgun's earliest surviving recorded appearance came in User:Zev's first post in the Wiki Era (when the BZPB game itself was moved to the wiki because the original topic was locked by BZP staff). In this post, he was at an unknown location with Zev and Namah. Viriathus hovered over the group in her ship and urged them to get in; Mistgun reached it by floating upwards on a platform of mist.

Guild Wars[edit]

Several years later, Mistgun was present at the Conquistadores Guildhouse on Hei Fon 4 when they were attacked by the Ethereal Sandglass Guild. Upon hearing signs of battle, he emerged from the mist to see an angry and injured Gazille Redfox in conflict with River Mae by a nearby river. Mistgun cast an illusion spell that turned himself and Gazille invisible, but Mae simply blast through it, sending them both flying into the riverbank with bloodied holes in their shoulders. It was then that Laxus Dreyar intervened, blasting Mae away and giving Mistgun a brief window to heal himself and Gazille. Unfortunately for them, Mae returned mere moments later and resumed her attack. Mistgun attempted to grab her limbs with tendrils of mist, and later combined his powers with the other two Conquistadores' to form a crackling metal shield, but this was ineffective against her dark smoke which ate at their bodies, causing them to writhe in agony. Before she could finish her attack, however, Mae was whisked away to repel an attack on her guild by Raventail. She mercifully dissipated her spell, freeing Mistgun, Gazille, and Laxus from her grasp.

The three Conquistadores soon returned to their Guildhouse and summoned the others for a meeting. Mistgun told Zev that they had learned that the Ethereal Sandglass Guild were at war with the Raventail Guild.

Later Events[edit]

It wasn't long before the Conquistadores were alerted to another danger; this time, from The Wave: A malevolent force that wished to eliminate The Users. Mistgun told Mia that if need be, he and the other S-Rank Mages would lend their strength to combat this evil.

Later, Mistgun gathered with Zev, Namah, and Asabana to examine the Suiten Taikan Kagami. Zev explained to them that the STK was filled with a self-replenishing store of mana by connecting to the Sacred Weight Stone, a magical artifact that was sealed in a pocket world between the Third and Fourth Dimensions by the High Magi of the Glory Family. Mistgun revealed that he had heard of the Sacred Weight Stone before: He knew that it was able to draw on a small portion of energy from Akasha itself, over time, and concentrate it, meaning that, if used wisely, the STK could provide untold amounts of energy. Asabana confirmed this to be true.

When Zev went off by himself to find out more information about the STK, Namah approached Mistgun and asked him if he could detect Zev's mana or prana. Mistgun told Namah that Zev had masked his presence from them. He thought that the reason for this was so that they would both stay at the Guildhouse to welcome their new guest: Grandmaster Ludlov of the Lamia Scale Guild. Ludlov appeared as if on cue; Mistgun introduced her to Namah and welcomed her inside. When Zev returned, he, Mistgun, and Ludlov started a lengthy conversation about something important that Namah wasn't privy to.

It was soon revealed that Mistgun had spent an unknown amount of time working on a mystical third floor of the Guildhouse - which was in reality a two-story building. This third floor manifested as a bounded field that linked to the World of Illusion.

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Mistgun was one of the Conquistadores who met with Nadle and Kakamu when they came to Hei Fon 4 to warn them about Mazkertis. Mistgun, who had been previously told about Zev's battle with Mazkertis, was shocked upon hearing that the wizard had escaped from his nether cell. He agreed with Namah's assessment that Zev will need all the help he can get. He told Zev that he and the rest of the Conquistadores (sans Prudence and Nu-13) will serve as reinforcements for him, ready to dispatch at a moment's notice.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Mistgun fights mainly by using Illusion Magic to shake up his enemies, before using any one of his various other magic types to finish them off. He is also fairly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and most of his staves have secondary forms as traditional melee weapons.


  • In Japanese, Mistgun's name is ミストガン (Misutogan). The given English translation is Mystogan, though it could also be interpreted as Mistgun.
  • Mistgun has become addicted to soda after Zev introduced him to it.
  • Mistgun has an odd name, but doesn't seem to think so himself, since there are others named "Blackout", "Liquid Ocelot" and "Happy Person".

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