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Genetic construct created from Mass
and DNA from Ryoko and Yakage
An energy sword
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Minagi is the second daughter of Washu, created from a sample of her DNA by one of her assistants. In her quest to fulfil her late father's dream, she joined her mother and half-sister aboard the Bebop II.


Minagi appears identical to Ryoko in every aspect, save for the presence of a pair of twin crescent-shaped scars on her cheeks. Ironically, Minagi is a polite and amicable woman who strives not to be an inconvenience to her friends and relatives unless necessary, which is in direct contrast to her clone template Ryoko, who is completely unrestrained in her thoughts and opinions and has a famously abrasive personality.[1]

Minagi owns a battlesuit that has a white torso, with broad, dark red stripes down the outsides of the limbs, knee-height dark red boots, and what appears to be an unknown kanji printed in dark red over the left breast.[2]


Early Life[edit]

A long time ago, Washu combined her own DNA with one or more Mass to create her daughter, Ryoko Hakubi.[3] Washu's assistant Yakage also saw potential in clones created from Mass, so he took a partial DNA sample from Ryoko, completed it with copies of his own X chromosomes, and combined the resulting sample with Mass to create Minagi, who he adopted as his daughter. Minagi spent at least part of her early life with her family (or genetic donors), but she was disliked by Ryoko because Washu would constantly laud Minagi as an example of how Ryoko should behave.[1]

Yakage, a famous swordsman, trained Minagi in the art of swordsmanship, but she was injured in one of their sessions and had to be placed in a healing tank to recover from her injuries. However, before she could be restored to health, Hishima of the Shima Brothers appeared to Yakage and threatened to kill the unconscious Minagi unless he surrendered Kageba, a sword that Yakage had been researching as part of his goal to create the Lightning Eagle Sword. Yakage allowed Hishima to take Kageba rather than risk his daughter's life, but this ultimately meant that he was unable to complete the sword.[4]

Years passed, Yakage died, and Minagi left to travel across the stars. She was apparently in the process of "handling corrupt merchants and politicians around the Horsehead Nebula"[1] at around the time she uncovered her late father's journal and learned of his dream to create the Lightning Eagle Sword for her.[4] Minagi blamed herself for the theft of Kageba and the abandonment of her father's dream,[1] so she decided to find and reclaim Kageba to honor his legacy.[4] In 150,081, the month afterwards, Minagi tracked Washu and Ryoko to the Bebop II to ask for their help in recovering Kageba.[1]

Crew of the Bebop II[edit]

Minagi docked her spaceship, Hinase, with the Bebop II[5] and teleported aboard to greet Washu. Tamao Glory mistook Minagi for Ryoko at first and was shocked when she saw the two together, so Kokonoe introduced Minagi and explained her origins. Minagi apologized to Tamao because she was not aware that Tamao and Ryoko had an unpleasant history, but expressed her desire to be friends with Tamao regardless. She started to explain that she had come to retrieve a sword that was stolen from Yakage, but broke down in tears,[1] so the women took a break to eat first.[6] Once Minagi felt that she could continue, she entered Kokonoe's lab and recalled to the others (who had since been joined by Zev and Namah) everything that had led her there. The emotional journey started to make her cry again, so Washu comforted her, reminding her that Yakage was and still would be proud of her.[4]

In the weeks that followed, Minagi moved onto the Bebop II. She was next seen in Washu's lab, where she found the Chousin sister hard at work investigating why a fleet of her old drone ships had been destroyed the previous day. Washu recovered an image of what had destroyed the ships and showed it to Minagi: a larger ship that incorporated three huge, elongated hexagons in an upside-down triangle in its design. Minagi recognized this ship and was filled with terror, so she teleported away to warn Misaki at Washu's request without a second thought.[7]

Minagi remained on the Bebop II well into 150,082 CMT. She appeared in the conference room where most of the crew had gathered to discuss some kind of disturbance that had occurred, and commented that between Yume and her stolen Royal Tree, Kagato and his unknown goals, and the mysterious individual who had been harassing Washu, there was no way to know who was responsible. She then wished them luck and left to feed Ryo-Ohki by phasing through the floor.[8]

Some weeks or months later, Minagi watched some kind of ninja-based "Masked Hero" series with Ed and Wisp and became so enthralled by its premise that she fantasized that she was "Ekibukuro Tohru, the Swift Gale of the Mountains". She tried to sneak up on Spike Spiegel by phasing through the ceiling above him, but he noticed her and told her to do something productive instead, like replacing Faye Valentine's wardrobe with decent clothes. Minagi made to leave, but Spike offered to watch the sun set with her, so she happily stayed to do so.[9]

Skirmish in West City[edit]

Later, Washu sent Minagi to replace Kanna, Matilda, and Marion in the battle against the Dire Knight on the outskirts of West City, because the three aforementioned shamans had exhausted themselves uncovering the identity of Dire Knight. Minagi changed into her battlesuit, teleported to the battlefield, and used an energy sword to destroy a turret that Andre Darter and Dire Knight had hijacked and turned against Viriathus, Hiyori, and Rutherfor. Andre launched a volley of air bullets at Minagi in response - she deflected them and moved to punch Andre, but was blocked by Dire Knight. Both warriors slammed into each other in mid-air and sent the other flying - Minagi crashed into a mountain face, but was unharmed due to the extreme density of her body. She fired a barrage of energy blasts at Andre and Dire Knight, but Andre took the opportunity to escape with his servant. Now that the battle was over, Minagi did as her mother had asked and teleported Vi, Hiyori, and Rutherfor back to the Bebop II to be briefed on Dire Knight's true identity.[2]

Back aboard the ship, Washu briefed Minagi, Vi, Hiyori, and Rutherfor on Dire Knight's origins, powers, and identity as promised. Minagi was awed and asked if he could be beaten, to which Washu replied that he must, because Andre could not control him indefinitely.[10]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Energy Manipulation: Minagi can direct and shape energy into various constructs, including swords. She can also gather energy and release it in the form of destructive blasts.[2]
  • Molecular Manipulation: Minagi is able to manipulate her own density, which enables her to hover, fly, and phase through most solid surfaces.[8]
  • Teleportation: Minagi is able to teleport herself and others from one place to another as long as she has an image of her destination in her mind's eye.[2]


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