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Micros is a Stelcropod and Masaharu's constant companion. He is now a member of the Claws of the Phoenix.


For many a time, User:Shroom has called Micros a small parasite-thing... but he was wrong. First of all, Micros is completely pitch-black, and other than that looks like a human with manga-like proportions, for example, his head is bigger than it should be in proportion to his body. Micros glows a different colour when he uses certain powers.


Not much is known about Micros' early life, but the two had been travelling together almost as long as they could remember. At some point, he and Masaharu found themselves stranded on the planet Chenrotoss. During their short time there, they encountered an alien warrior (who they ate), and the Imposter. Deeming him a threat, Micros blasted the imposter into the horizon, and Masaharu mind-warped them right into the middle of a battle between Blackout and Kakamu. Kakamu was in Trantoshen's body at the time, but Masaharu instinctively trusted him, serving as Kakamu's steed during the battle despite Micros' protests.

He and Masaharu spent the next few years wandering and exploring the alien world, until the Chenyromas decided to mind-warp away to somewhere else because he had finally gotten bored. The two then found themselves outside a cave on Lotcas. When Micros asked him about it, Masaharu communicated that he had no memory of the place at all, so he wondered why he was able to travel there. The two took up residence in an abandoned hut near the cave and lived there for the next few weeks before Kakamu returned to them, looking to recruit them into a superpowered team. Micros said that they would go, but on the condition that Kakamu help them investigate why Masaharu's mindwarping took him to Lotcas, and the purpose of a mysterious facility nearby.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

The powers that Micros has stored are unknown, but three have been revealed in the pages of BZPB.

  • In one incident, Micros managed to shoot a MASSIVE beam at The Imposter on Chenrotoss. It was not written, but Micros actually glowed blue at that point.
  • As stated above this level 2 headline (I gotta train it to level 3!) it says that Micros can cast shadow embers. He did this to Starscream once.
  • When Kakamu entered his house on Lotcas, Micros attacked him by jumping on and zapping his head with bursts of electricity, because Kakamu's appearance had changed since he last saw him.


  • "Gee, we have been wandering in this wilderness for ages haven't we?" -Micros to Masaharu while lost on Chenrotoss.
  • "He hasn't changed a bit."
    • "That's what I keep tellin' him, but that don't motivate him either!" - Kakamu and Micros on Masaharu after several years apart.
  • "Are you freakin' serious? Wasps are gonna get in now... and trust me, when they're my size, they're terrifying!" - Micros when Masaharu smashed their window.