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Mic the Jaguar
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"My spirit, Mic, and I are very close... he's not a pet, but he's not a brother, and he's not a best friend either. He's like... all in one, and none of them all the same."

Mic the Jaguar (commonly referred to as Mic and, rarely, Mick) was a Beast-Type spirit and one of the Spirit Allies of Viriathus.


Mic's "spirit ball" form.

Mic was a spirit who Vi could summon into a medium, a pair of fingerless gloves.[2] Though Mic usually appeared as a jaguar, he could also manifest as a hitodama, or "spirit ball", which resembled a flying ball with his features.[3]

Little is known about Mic. However, the fact that he and Viriathus could use Kyoudou Sagyou, which requires the souls of shaman and spirit to be synchronized in harmony, suggests that the two were very close. Mic seemed to have instincts typical of a big cat, roaring to proclaim dominance and pouncing on prey. However, he also showed some very affectionate tendencies around people that Vi trusted, like Moss and Yuuka.[2]


Early Life[edit]

According to Viriathus, Mic and his original shaman partner "taught [her] how to laugh". When Vi was asked if Mic's original shaman partner gave him to her, she did not provide an answer, stating only that the story of how she came to own Mic could "be a downer".[1]

Holding a Grudge[edit]

In 150,081 CMT, Viriathus summoned Mic during the battle against Grudge outside the Vesica Piscis. Mic appeared in his full jaguar form before turning into his spirit ball form and then possessing Vi's gloves to create O.S: Were-Jaguar, which Vi then used to slash wildly at Grudge. As noted by Nefelpitou, Vi used the Kyoudou Sagyou possession technique during the battle, which entailed sharing control of her body with Mic in order to supplement her abilities with Mic's natural instincts and senses.[3] Eventually, the combined attacks of Viriathus and Mic, Matilda Matisse and Jack, Marion Phauna and Chuck, Kanna Bismarch and Ashcroft, Mamimi Samejima and Morphine, Haruko Haruhara, and Moss destroyed Grudge's physical form before Zev Raregroove arrived and helped Grudge's spirit to return to the spirit world. With the threat neutralized, Vi released the OverSoul and dismissed Mic.[4]

After the battle, Vi summoned Mic again to properly introduce him to Moss, encouraging Moss to pet him.[5] After Moss nervously complied,[6] Vi dismissed Mic.[7]

Later, Vi invoked Mic into O.S.: Were-Jaguar during a sparring match with Anna Raregroove,[1] releasing Mic once the match was over.[8]

Dangers on Datrio[edit]

In 150,082 CMT, Viriathus invoked Mic into O.S: Were-Jaguar when she confronted Dire Knight in West City, using the OverSoul in conjunction with the Spirit of Wind to combat the enraged Servant.[9] Just as Dire Knight was about to land a killing blow on Vi, Mic manually took control of Vi's body and furiously delivered a rapid volley of kicks to Dire Knight's stomach that forced him to release her, giving Vi enough time to retreat to a safe distance.[10] When Washu arrived to help Vi and Mic continue their fight against Dire Knight, Andre Darter sucked them all into his Reality Marble, where Mic, Vi, and Washu found themselves up against a group of similar-looking knights.[11] After a short battle, Andre retreated when Washu deduced that he was converting objects into C-Rank, Anti-Unit Magical Weapons, which allowed Vi to take a breather and release Mic from the OverSoul.[12]

Later, Vi invoked Mic into O.S.: Were-Jaguar once again when she caught up to Andre in the mountains near West City, leaping into battle alongside Rutherfor and Hiyori Sarugaki[13] with the assistance of the Spirit of Wind. Moments after Dire Knight joined the battle to protect his master, Minagi arrived on the scene, having been sent by Washu to assist Vi and the others. When Andre teleported Dire Knight and himself away, Vi released Mic from the OverSoul.[14]

Later still, Vi invoked Mic into a different, unidentified OverSoul to combat the Irumok who were trespassing in the rainforests south of West City. Included with the OverSoul was a sphere of energy that Viriathus used as a projectile weapon, launching it into the Irumok leader's chest while Troika soldiers emerged from the undergrowth to help Vi drive the Irumok back. When the energy sphere knocked the leader on his face, forcing the Irumok to retreat, Vi dissolved the OverSoul and congratulated Mic on a job well done.[15]

The Battle of Coridan III[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Viriathus summoned Mic and Pascal Avaf to her side while heading towards a Dominion-owned control center on the surface of Coridan III, which she intended to liberate as part of the battle for control of the planet. Vi informed Mic that, although she knew that she could count on him due to the length of their relationship, she would be invoking Pascal into an OverSoul with Delta-40 instead because she thought that they would work better together. Vi then formed the OverSoul and bounded away towards the control center's roof.[16]

OverSouls & Techniques[edit]

Like many other spirits, Mic could be invoked into an OverSoul if he had a particularly strong bond with the shaman he was bonded to, such as Viriathus.

O.S.: Were-Jaguar[edit]

  • Shaman: Viriathus
  • Spirit Ally: Mic
  • O.S. Type: Weapon/Possession
  • Medium used: Fingerless gloves
  • Abilities: Agility Boost, ???

In this OverSoul, Mic was channelled into Viriathus's fingerless gloves, transforming them into golden energy claws and bestowing semi-transparent claws on Vi's own feet. O.S.: Were-Jaguar also caused glowing gold leopard spots to appear on Vi's biceps, thighs, upper back, and tail, as well as cause all of her natural dark gray patches to glow the same color.[2]

Unidentified O.S.[edit]

When Mic was invoked into this OverSoul, Viriathus gained elbow-height fingerless gloves, greaves, shinguards, a helmet with two bars that extended down to frame her face, and a spherical ball of energy that could be used as a projectile weapon.[15]


  • Ayers Rock Leap: In this technique, Mic would crouch down as low as possible before suddenly pouncing towards the enemy with blinding speed, slashing with his claws while passing them. Despite the simplicity of the attack's mechanics, the sheer speed and power put behind the claw-slash made it an effective combat technique.[2]


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