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SM Tuma's mercenary team,
formerly the Rock Tribe,
formerly the Ice Tribe
Home Reality

SM Metus was part of a mercenary team commanded by SM Tuma that was hired by Blackout to kill Ynot.


Metus was an Agori who originally belonged to the Ice Tribe on the Shattered Mirror Universe's Bara Magna. Unknown to his fellow tribesmen, Metus secretly became an ally of the Rock Tribe, and plotted with them to seize control of Bara Magna. However, these plans fell through when the planet was conquered by Blackout and Tuma was overthrown, which essentially caused the collapse of the Rock Tribe. In the upheaval, Metus's loyalties were exposed, so he joined the Skrall in exile. He eventually found work as a mercenary under the leadership of Tuma, as did the Bone Hunter Fero and several Skrall, including Branar and Stronius.

For some reason, Blackout decided to recruit SM Tuma's mercenary team to find and kill Ynot. Blackout brought Metus and his allies into the Original Universe, gave them a ship, and sent them on their way.

The team tracked Ynot to a cathedral somewhere but were attacked prematurely. After watching Tuma and Stronius be defeated very swiftly, Metus decided to cut his losses and escape. He teleported back up to their ship, set it on a collision course with the cathedral, then ejected himself in an escape pod. Unfortunately, just as he activated the escape pod's warp drive, Ynot threw Stronius and some Skrall mooks at Tuma's ship, which knocked it off-course and into the escape pod. The escape pod was torn apart, and so was Metus.[1]


  1. Metus (SMU): "Having watched Tuma and Stronius being defeated very quickly, Metus decided it wasn't a good idea to stay around anymore, teleported up to his ship, set it to crash into the cathedral where everyone was, and ran away in an escape pod. However, Ynot threw Stronius and some Skrall at the ship, knocking it off-course.....and right into Metus' escape pod, which had just activated his warp drive. The escape pod was torn apart, and so was Metus."

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