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Metax, before he lost his helmet
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Metax is an Agori who came from Skyus Magna in the Unireverse. Several years after he fell into a plothole leading to the OU, Metax was recruited into HYDRA.


When the Toa Yerta arrived on an isolated part of Skyus Magna, they met Metax, who offered to give them a lift back to the city in his vehicle, the Dornatus V9. While he was driving, a plothole appeared in front of him which he accidentally drove into. The plothole led back to the Original Universe, dumping the group into the middle of the Battle of Mata Nui II, in which Blackout was about to complete his latest universal domination attempt. Confused, the Agori unsheathed his blade and held it to Blackout's throat, asking him to state his business, but he was quickly shoved out of the way by all the other warriors wanting to fight Blackout instead.

Presumably, he fled the battle in the Dornatus to try and make sense of his surroundings. He probably didn't have much luck.

A couple of years later, he was seen living as one of the homeless on Atuar Sadiares, enjoying some soup. His white spiked helmet had been lost and replaced with a food blender. On the same day he met a HYDRA devotee, who proclaimed that the Galactic Government was wrong because they placed too many restrictions on the space station, one of the things which HYDRA stands against. To demonstrate this, the devotee opened a door on the station which said "Do Not Open". For some reason, the Caged Lion was behind that door, and it immediately started causing chaos by firing into the crowd of people which included Metax. When the mayhem ended as a result of the Caged Lion blasting itself into space, Metax emerged from the debris shaken but unharmed. He decided to join HYDRA to learn how to combat threats like the Caged Lion himself, and because its members received free healthcare. He hopped in the back seat of the ship belonging to the devotee, and was flown away to places unknown.


  • Metax looks just like Metus from BIONICLE, but with his colours inverted. As such he has a white torso and light blue limbs. He originally had a light blue helmet which was later replaced with a food blender at some point during his years off-screen.
  • Metax's original vehicle, the Dornatus V9, got its name from Michael Dorn and the Thornatus V9. As far as we have seen, it is exactly the same as the Thornatus.