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Maxie is of a race called the "Exquip lions," and first appeared on Kalta Thaea being rescued from an escape pod by Mamimi, Dorothy Wayneright, and Ryoko.


Of what's been seen, Maxie seems very softspoken and gentle. Very polite, he also appears to be easily interested when others tell him stories. From what has been said of his kind and the name of his Sugar Grinder attack, it can be presumed that Maxie loves sweet things. Finally, he appears easily distressed if he thinks that he's let others down or put them in danger.


Appearing on Kalta Thaea within an escape pod, Maxie was rescued by Mamimi, Dorothy Wayneright, and Ryoko when they located him. Ryoko proceeded to free two of his lost allies - Nelgi and Milia - In addition to a girl named Sara from the Vrishkan enemies, and the three reunited soon after.

Haruko Haruhara, Ryo-Ohki, and Washu soon made it back to Kalta Thaea, then joining the small group - It was soon after this that Washu revealed her knowledge of Sara's history. After felling more Vrishkans, the entire outfit headed back to The Bebop II. Maxie later joined in the battle to repel the Vrishkan forces that attacked the Bebop II.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Requip - As an Exquip lion, one of Maxie's inherent abilities is requip. This allows him to call enchanted weapons - Like the blue sword pictured - To his hand at any time.
  • Exquip - Another ability native to the Exquip lions, Maxie is able to use exquip; which gave his race their name. This allows him to change into the form of a sword - i.e., A giant knightsword.
  • Sugar Pound - A strong punch surrounded in crackling, pale blue energy.
  • Sugar Grinder - Generates a violent cyclone of pale blue energy.


  • Maxie seems to have befriended Mamimi.
  • Maxie's appearance is that of a Spadamon from the Digimon franchise.

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