Matthew Ziegler

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Matthew Ziegler
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This article is about the ZFT operative. For other characters named Matthew, see Matthew (disambiguation).

Matthew Ziegler was a ZFT operative who was stationed at the landing site of the Shattered Mirror II.


In 150,082 CMT, Matthew Ziegler was sent to secure the landing site of the Shattered Mirror II for the ZFT. Ziegler was sitting on a garden chair at the gate site sipping some tea when several Rahkshi approached him with SM Nyatera in custody, who the Rahkshi explained had emerged from the SMII. Ziegler ordered the Rahkshi to kill her, but paused when the frustrated Vassila explained that the reason she had travelled to the Original Universe was to defect to the ZFT. SM Nyatera then proved herself to Ziegler by skilfully disarming and disabling the Rahkshi and aiming one of their staffs at his head.[1] Ziegler called David Robert Jones and explained the situation to the ZFT leader, who irritably told Ziegler to accept SM Nyatera into the organization because she was a willing recruit. Ziegler then informed SM Nyatera that she could join, but she hit Ziegler in the face with the staff anyway and left.[2]


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