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Mass are a non-sentient species of amorphous creatures that are little more than clumps of base organic matter.


Washu combined her own DNA with one or more Mass to create her daughter, Ryoko Hakubi.[1] Washu's assistant Yakage also saw potential in clones created from Mass, so he took a partial DNA sample from Ryoko, completed it with copies of his own X chromosomes, and combined the resulting sample with Mass to create Minagi, who became referred to as Ryoko's "half-sister".[2]


  1. Ryoko Hakubi (revision on 03:15, Jul 07, 2012): "Washu created Ryoko by combining her own DNA with that of an amorphous creature called a Mass; so basically, Washu is Ryoko's mother, and Ryoko has no real father."
  2. BZPB #4375 (May 15, 2011)

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