Masaharu (SMU)

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Spikes and claws
Bouncy-Ball crew
SMU natives
Shattered Mirror invasion forces
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Masaharu (SMU) is the Shattered Mirror Universe version of Masaharu. He gets captured a lot.


Masaharu was a crew member on the Bouncy-Ball. During his tenure on the ship, he was captured 98 times.

He participated in Operation: Firestorm along with the rest of the B-B crew. He was assigned to lead the DAL robots in their attack on some human soldiers, but was shot with a tranquillizer dart and captured again. He was then interrogated by some humans, and assured them he would answer any and all questions they may have... and then refused to tell them why the SMU inhabitants had invaded. A human then pointed a machine-gun at him, only for SM Genetoes to appear, kill all the humans in the room and free him. Masaharu was then yelled at by SM Shockwave.

Later, when Blackout, Overlord Blackout and Barricade struck back against the SMU forces, Masaharu had a net dumped on him by some Rahkshi, who began dragging him into the Theta Gate. He succeeded in killing them, but then Zbigniew appeared and slapped him in the face with a shoe.

He then fought against Overlord Blackout and some Rahkshi until Uteria surrendered the SMU forces, at which point he was led into a transport ship.


  • "Before you say anything, Captain, I just wanted to say I really enjoy working under your command."

- What he said to Shockwave after being captured for the second, eighth, twenty-third, fifty-seventh and ninety-ninth times.