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Masaharu (formerly known as "Chenyromas" before it was revealed to be the name of his species) is a lizard-like creature and ally of Kakamu.


Nobody actually knows where Masaharu came from, or how he was created, but it is known that Kakamu was somehow minorly involved in his early life. He is a Chenyromas, but unlike most of his species, he was experimented on, giving him additional abilities. As a result, he has little to no memory of two people who he should have remembered: Kakamu and the Imposter. At some point, Masaharu and his Stelcropod ally Micros were stranded on the planet Chenrotoss. During their short time there, they encountered an alien warrior (who they ate), and the Imposter. In order to get away, Micros blasted the imposter into the horizon, and Masaharu somehow mind-warped himself right into the middle of a battle between Blackout and Kakamu on the Mata Nui II. Kakamu was in Trantoshen's body at the time, but since Trantoshen is a clone of Kakamu's Toa form (the form he was in when Masaharu last saw him), he didn't notice the difference. Masaharu provided assistance for Kakamu in the battle, serving as a steed.

He and Micros spent the next few years wandering and exploring the alien world, until Masaharu decided to mind-warp away to somewhere else because he had finally gotten bored. The two then found themselves outside a cave on Lotcas. When asked about it by Micros, Masaharu communicated that he had no memory of the place at all, so he wondered why he was able to travel there. The two took up residence in an abandoned hut near the cave and lived there for the next few weeks before Kakamu returned to them, looking to recruit them into a superpowered team. Micros said that they would go, but on the condition that Kakamu help them investigate why Masaharu's mindwarping took him to Lotcas, and the purpose of a mysterious facility nearby.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Mind-Warping - Masaharu is known to be able to warp himself to anywhere he has previously been.
  • Poison Emission - The poison that is produced from his many spikes can be in liquid or gas form.
  • Echolocation - Like the rest of his species, he sees via echolocation.
  • Self-Cloning - If Masaharu is about to go on a dangerous mission, he will lay an egg. If he is destroyed or killed, a temporary ghost form of Masaharu will appear from the egg, searching for the dead body of the original to take back control of. If the original body of Masaharu is destroyed, the temporary form can gradually gain power to become the original Masaharu.


  • "grunruff..." -Masaharu settling down to rest after hours of travelling the wilderness.


  • Masaharu was originally known as just "Chenyromas", the name of his species, before he was given an individual name by Berucanta.