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Home Reality

Luux was one of Jarr's colleagues, along with Marlon, Kinex, and Telino. He had a row of dagger teeth, and was referred to as 'the bomb expert' of Jarr's team.


Before the destruction of the Matoran Universe, Luux was part of a team of four that worked for the Zyglak mercenary Jarr. One of Jarr's goals was to blackmail the warlords Blackout and Malygos into giving him protosteel, or else his team would detonate explosives that they had placed around Xia, a vital weapons supplier for the villains. When Malygos responded by sending Vahki to kill him, Jarr met up with Luux and the other members of his team and ordered them to detonate the explosives, so they did so.

After Blackout had disposed of the traitor Kakamu by throwing him into interdimensional space, he went after Luux's team with an entire legion of his horde. However, Luux was ready for the attack: he had previously placed bombs all around the area, which he then detonated gleefully, destroying much of Blackout's forces. Cruelly trapping the live ones on the island, Luux and his colleagues sped away in their speeder, putting a laser system out: if anybody touched it, some unknown location would explode.

Luux and his team escaped on Jarr's speeder to Nynrah, where they made a deal with the Nynrah Ghost Leader. As they were returning to base, they were suddenly attacked by Blackout, who destroyed the speeder with a hadrium bomb planted by one of his Rahkshi and nuked Nynrah. He then trapped Jarr in a pocket dimension, but Luux and the others escaped. They swam to a secret underwater hideout to plan their final attack against Blackout. Jarr soon escaped from his dimensional prison and met up with them once more.

Luux's status following the destruction of the Matoran Universe is unknown, but he may be living on the Red Star.