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Lord Luster Amazing Fortune
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Lord Luster Amazing Fortune, 19th of his name, is the 1311th Emperor of the Fall of Cluster Empire and the husband of Empress Bryae Magnum Fortune.


Lord Luster Amazing Fortune wears a huge hat of silver silk that is slashed with orange and a regalia of striped silver and orange. The left arm of the doublet is studded with thirteen tiny celestine stars. At his hip is a long and elegant sabre in a pearl sheathe; in his left hand he cradles a curved shield, bearing a crest showing thirteen stars, falling in a V-shape towards the point of the shield. He wears a cape of finest purple satin, which is draped heavily over his right shoulder, concealing his right arm.[1]


In 150,084 CMT, Lord Fortune sat atop a central monument in the palace of Quartz Athene on Cumulus IX to witness the inauguration of the One. As the Emperor of the Fall of Cluster Empire, his name was the first to be called by the Herald. The next to be heralded was his wife, Empress Bryae Magnum Fortune, who floated down from an overhead balcony to join him atop the monument. After the remaining ten Starknights were heralded and took their places atop the monument, the Twelve Starknights witnessed the inauguration of the One (Arbatum Excellent Neutral Lucia XII), which made the Twelve Thirteen.[1]

Afterwards, the Thirteen proceeded into a meeting room to discuss how to respond to recent developments in the outer universe. Lord Luster described how the forces that once kept the universe in check had shattered, paving the way for Mazkertis to rise to power as the Fall of Cluster's Seers had predicted. Lord Fortune stated that, for the preservation of The Fall of Cluster, the Thirteen could not sit idle while Mazkertis threatened to unravel the timeline of their universe. His sentiments were echoed by Lady Fortune, Lord Labrinth Lives, and Neutral Lucia. The meeting was adjourned with none opposed.[2]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Lithan Telekinesis: Like most Lithans, Lord Fortune has access to telekinetic abilities.[1]
  • Lithan Telecommunication: Like most Lithans, it is presumed that Lord Fortune is able to telecommunicate with other members of his species.[3]


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