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Lucy Farr
Beretta 93r "Lucy Farr Custom" (x2)
KM2000 Combat Knife (x2)
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Lucy Farr is a member of the Shinsengumi. She possesses the Stand Sympathy For The Devil.

She's also the protagonist/narrator of We're Shinsengumi Lunatics!


Lucy is something of a delinquent. She's fierce, but most of the time simply comes across as grumpy and antisocial. She gets along well enough with the other members of the Shinsengumi, however. She can appear quite cruel at times, but seems to genuinely care about her friends - though she'd rather die than admit it.

Lucy smokes, and is the only one of the Shinsengumi who does so.

Lucy has an aggressive, animalistic style of combat. Whilst she occasionally incorporates techniques into her style, she prefers formless attacks such random slashing with her Katana and wild, unorthodox punches. She fights with little concern for self-preservation, or any spatial awareness, which often results in her getting heavily injured.[1]


We're Shinsengumi Lunatics![edit]

Lucy is featured in the short story We're Shinsengumi Lunatics!, which takes place before her introduction in the main RPG. She's shown as one of Sefer Yetzirah's bodyguards during one of her meetings with the Neo Ta'har. Afterwards, she's witness to a fight between Cassius Calm and Sefer. Sefer wins, though Lucy inquires as to why Sefer didn't use her Stand, Cruel Angel's Thesis, at which point Sefer reveals its true nature.

Negotiations with the Sahagin[edit]

Lucy was introduced as the Kusanagi headed to the Sahagin homeworld of Sapsa to attempt to gain allies. She watched the orbital entry from the Kusanagi's observation deck before walking with Masuta Kira to the bridge. She teased Kira about his crush on Sefer Yetzirah.

After the Kusanagi returned to the orbit of Sapsa, Lucy went to check up on Cassius Calm, who was being held captive aboard the ship. However, he had escaped, and she was forced to battle him, summoning her stand Sympathy For The Devil. The resulting fight destroyed a good portion of the ship, and Lucy was outmatched and defeated, though Cassius spared her life - even going to the extent of preventing her unconscious body from falling into a crater filled with molten metal. She suffered a broken left hand and cracked sternum during the fight.

Sympathy For The Devil[edit]

Sympathy For The Devil

Main Article: Sympathy For The Devil

Lucy possesses the Stand, Sympathy For The Devil. It is an incredibly powerful Random-Type stand, with melee abilities which fit Lucy's "full frontal assault" style of combat. It can control fire and ice.



We're Shinsengumi Lunatics![edit]


  • Lucy previously appeared in Fight la Fight, another RPG run and played by User:FullFrontal. He felt so attached to the character that he decided to bring her over to BZPB. This is similar to how the characters Nikolai and Amy ended up in the BZPB Multiverse; both of these characters originally appeared in Firegate, a precursor RPG to Fight la Fight.
  • Differences between BZPB and FLF Lucy include; FLF Lucy not having a right eye (losing it partway through the RPG), BZPB Lucy being a smoker from the beginning of the series (FLF Lucy developed this trait much later on), and BZPB Lucy being a member of the mysterious and blatantly evil organization, as opposed to being an enemy of it (She fights against the group Sacred World Organization in Fight la Fight). As BZPB Lucy has only just been introduced, the full extent of the changes remains unknown.
  • Her name is a reference to the biblical figure Lucifer. In Fight la Fight, it also refers to that version of Lucy being a demon.
  • Lucy was originally going to be User:FullFrontal's main character in BZPB, but he scrapped this idea, because he though a ~twenty year old girl fighting ~150,000 year old demigods with a Katana would be a silly idea. He then went and did it anyway.
  • Lucy uses the KM2000 combat knife. This is the standard knife of the German Bundeswehr.
  • Claymore ships Lucy and Masuta Kira.


  1. In Fight La Fight alone, she:
    • Re-entered the atmosphere, unprotected
    • Was stabbed through the chest from behind
    • Had her neck stamped out
    • Was stabbed through the abdomen with a greatsword
    • Had her forearms cut off by her primary love interest
    • Was shot in the face, and then had her eye torn out
    The extent to which Lucy got beaten up became something of a running joke in Fight La Fight.