Lucrezia Sephirah

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Lucrezia Sephirah
Leader of the β-Shinsengumi
Formal Name
Lucrezia Adonai Sephirah II
Lu-Lu Seph-Seph
Takemikazuchi Empire
Home Reality
"Vance Vangelis. You don't know me... but you're about to."
Lucrezia's message to Vance Vangelis

Lucrezia Adonai Sephirah II, more commonly known as Lucrezia Sephirah, is a young woman who leads the β-Shinsengumi, the second team of the Shinsengumi.


Lucrezia comes from extreme wealth, and this is evident in all aspects of her personality; she's extremely tactful, reserved, and well-spoken. She's fluent in multiple languages, can pilot many vehicles, and has extreme artistic and musical skill. She's extremely insistent on personal excellence and correctness. However, she's very sociable and down to earth, and generally has a warm, friendly and genuine personality.


Assassination of Altero[edit]

In 150,084 CMT, Lucrezia travelled to Malchior IV to assassinate Altero, an operative of the Assassins Sans Frontieres, to send a message to Vance Vangelis not to interfere with the Takemikazuchi Empire's affairs. This was because, a few hours prior to her arrival, the ASF had been found responsible for the murder of Ta'varak, Kar of the Neo Ta'har Empire, with whom Takemikazuchi leader Sefer Yetzirah had hoped to establish an alliance.[1]

Lucrezia rammed her McLaren SLR into the side of Altero's car at high speed, which flipped it into the air and sent her own car into a spin. In an near-superhuman display of reflexes, she took aim with her Denel NTW-20 anti-materiel rifle while both cars were still moving and fired at Altero's fuel tank, which created an explosion that destroyed the car and killed him instantly. She then exited her own car while it was still drifting, calmly walking away from the carnage while both wreckages collided again and exploded behind her. The falling embers of the collision lit her cigarette, and she dialled Vance Vangelis to leave this message: "You don't know me, but you're about to". With her mission complete, she walked into the nearest MacDaniel restaurant to get something to eat, ignoring the spar between Dreis Bright and Asled that was occurring next to her.[1]

Shepard Reborn[edit]

Later, Lucrezia was brought aboard the Takemikazuchi battleship Covenant to monitor the experimental salvaging of John Shepard's consciousness. After being briefed on the situation, she was approached by Dr. Solana Esperon, who wanted to know why two other battleships, the Terminus and the Dominion, had also arrived: Lucrezia replied that the ships were on hand to take care of the aftermath if the experiment went horribly wrong. The two women then entered the laboratory, and, after being informed that there had been no change in the antidermis's status, Lucrezia ordered the science team to start the experiment.[2]

The experiment was successful, as proven by the existence of an arm that emerged from the antidermis and an psychic attack that injured two personnel. Lucrezia announced that the Covenant was now under the direct jurisdiction of the Shinsengumi, meaning that the scientists had to leave, and that discussion of the events of the past six hours was prohibited under penalty of death. Esperon asked Lucrezia if the consciousness really was Shepard, to which she replied that it was, but she had no idea why Emperor Yetzirah wanted to bring him back.[2]

While making her rounds of the ship, Lucrezia was alerted by the sound of a gunshot. She went to the point of origin to investigate, but was immediately shot at by Lunamaria Hawke, so she took cover and ordered who she thought was an ensign to stand down. However, Shepard's voice revealed the truth. He told Lucrezia that his consciousness had escaped through a microfracture in his containment cell; that he had taken over the ensign's body; and that he would activate the Covenant's self-destruct unless Lucrezia and all remaining personnel left the ship immediately. Upon hearing the activation of the self-destruct sequence, Lucrezia realized that she had no choice but to do what Shepard said, so she and the rest of the ship's personnel fled the Covenant via its escape pods.[3]

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

Over two months after the confrontation with Shepard, Lucrezia was in the Divine Providence's teleportation chamber overseeing the transportation of an allied search party to and from the surface of Gasuhigann to look for Mazkertis. When Sefer entered the room, Lucrezia pointed out that it might not have been a good idea for Sefer to allow Malygos to look for Mazkertis without her involvement, but Sefer explained her reasoning by telling Lucrezia that she and Malygos had made a deal: Malygos could take credit for capturing Mazkertis if she was allowed to interrogate him afterwards. Sefer also hinted that there was also a chance Mazkertis would not survive the aforementioned interrogation. Lucrezia understood what Sefer was implying, but expressed her disappointment that Lucy Farr would not be able to join them to share in their victory. Lucrezia asked to be reminded where Lucy was, so Sefer recalled that Lucy was in the Edge Systems tracking down David Dalton. Lucrezia complimented Sefer on her initiative to stop Mazkertis and speculated that, if Sefer was successful in doing so, she would become a legend across the universe and her proposed "New Order" would become the ideal model for all systems.[4]

When the Divine Providence was attacked and boarded by Lurian soldiers later that day, Lucrezia met up with Sefer and helped her fight her way to the ship's bridge. Somewhere along the way, the two Shinsengumi warriors found themselves trapped in a corridor with platoons of Takemikazuchi and Lurian soldiers exchanging heavy fire. To clear the way, Lucrezia summoned her Stand, Nearer My God To Thee, which lifted the Lurians into the air with aerokinetic constructs and gave Lucrezia a boost. Together, Lucrezia and her Stand flew through the corridor, slicing through the enemy forces until the hallway was clear. Lucrezia took command of the Takemikazuchi soldiers, ordering them to keep moving while they created a box formation around Sefer to protect her.[4]

Nearer My God To Thee[edit]

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Lucrezia possesses the Stand Nearer My God To Thee. It is a muscular crimson humanoid with flowing black hair and the power to create aerokinetic constructs.


  • Lucrezia's nickname is "Lu-Lu Seph-Seph". No points for guessing who gave her it.
  • As Sefer Yetzirah's name refers to the Jewish book of creation, Lucrezia's surname refers to the Sephirot, a key concept in Jewish mysticism. Adonai is a Jewish word meaning "lord" or "master" - it is often used by Jews to refer to God, as they are forbidden to pronounce his name directly. Lucrezia is a name that is very, very fun to shout aloud.