Lord Void

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Name: Void
Race: Unknown (Primal Concept?)
Abilities: Teleportation, Telekinesis, Telepathy, All Deity-Level Potency (Likely More Than These)
Weapons: Unknown/None
Allies: Ruler of All Nightmares, Leader of Nabonidus, Ravat, The Underlord
Enemies: Unknown

Lord Void is an enigmatic and incredibly powerful being who rules over all Nightmares across the whole of Reality. As their leader, he guides them in their vendetta against all sentient life. Only Nabonidus seems to have ever challenged him.

It is unknown where he comes from, but it has been said that the native Universe of the Nightmares is outside of mainstream Reality. At that, it has been said that this plane of existence is bizarre and hostile to most beings.


Void is able to construct a body out of materials in his surroundings. In his only clear appearance, he amassed the ruins of a leviathan stone and metal building into a wraithlike body possessing indescribably gigantic size. It would seem that his form is prone to change, however, his second appearance has not been seen clearly.


Little to nothing is known of Lord Void's habits and personality. However, what has been seen of him is even quieter and more composed than Nabonidus, and a fair level of disgust with living creatures.


Though he has displayed abilities of teleportation, telekinesis, and telepathy well above and beyond most characters seen in the game, nothing can be said for certain of Void's exact capabilities. However, he seems to be roughly the power of a deity. Whether he can be said to be a deity of any kind is yet unknown.


  • "So small..."


  • Void, like many characters of BZPB used by User:Zev Raregroove, comes from the Graphic Novel series DreamKeepers by David and Liz Lillie.