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Loki is one of Malygos's servants. A devil-like alien from an unknown planet, Loki serves Malygos only out of a sense of debt - Malygos saved Loki's planet once from a purge, and, as a result, Loki serves Malygos for the time being. At the moment, he serves as Malygos's 'beatstick' - when direct force is needed, Loki is called.

Loki's greatest love is carnage in all its forms. Seeing destruction and pain as the highest art forms, Loki utilizes both to the extreme. His second love, however, is a good fight, and will often handicap himself to give himself a true challenge when fighting.

Loki possesses high levels of control over fire, lightning, and earth, though it is unknown whether this is magical or elemental in nature. In addition, Loki has some control of what is known as "Chaos Energy" - energy in the form of pure entropy. Loki is currently the only being to have any sort of mastery over Chaos Energy.

When fighting, Loki cares not for his own safety, indeed, he considers any fight without some buildings, or whatever else the scenery is, getting destroyed by fire and force to be rather dull. Shooting lightning, fire, and destroying the ground whenever he can, he only resorts to Chaos Energy when he is really challenged to his full extent.

He has gained some respect with Namah, due to her ability to stand toe-to-toe with him in a fight.