Lilith Heyerdahl (RBU)

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Lilith Heyerdahl
    Born: 1st August 21 BR
1st August 21 BR
Love Interests
Sefer Yetzirah
    Girlfriend (formerly)
Selena Heyerdahl
    Younger Sister
Evangelise Yetzirah
Home Reality

Lilith Heyerdahl was the girlfriend of Sefer Yetzirah before Sefer's untimely death at the hands of their daughter Evangelise. Her current status is unknown.



Lilith has blonde hair and purple eyes, and is generally considered very attractive by those around her. She's slightly taller than Sefer, and has a more rounded figure. She dresses fairly fashionably and, unlike Sefer, enjoys dressing up for more formal occasions.


Lilith has a kind, sociable, outgoing personality. She's quick to put others before herself and has a deeply empathic nature which leaves her unable to ignore the suffering and unhappiness of others. Conversely, she's loathe to rely on others for emotional support, though her generally happy disposition means she's rarely in a position to benefit from it. In short, Lilith is the kind of individual that could be considered wholly nice, without a shred of malice or cruelty in her. In addition, having taken care of her sister from a young age means Lilith possesses strong maternal characteristics.

However, Lilith's deep care for those around her can draw out a darker side of her when those people are threatened. When the push comes to the shove, Lilith can be as ruthless as anyone else; never cruel or evil, but completely possessed by the desire to protect her friends, and absolute in her belief that the ends justify the means in such a case. This side of Lilith dominated her behavior through much of her youth.


Early Life[edit]

Lilith was born in the Takemikazuchi Empire, on the 1st of August, 21 BR. Her parents were low-ranking, but well-paid government officials, and she initially enjoyed a very comfortable childhood. Her sister, Selena, was born four years later, in 17 BR. However, that same year marked the imperial succession crisis; her parents were impeached, and later arrested, for conspiracy to incite violence as members of the anti-imperial militia. Lilith and her sister were taken into care, and Lilith found herself left with the responsibility of raising her sister in their parents' place. Still, she resolved to do the best job she could.

In BR 3, Lilith and Selena moved to the capital of the Empire, Melchior-07, to start a new life. She attempted to join the military, but demonstrated incredibly high aptitude in entrance exams, and so was instead referred to the Shinsengumi. It was here she first met her future girlfriend, Sefer Yetzirah, as a member of her security detail. With an obvious chemistry existing between them, Sefer soon after appointed Lilith as her personal bodyguard. A few days later, Lilith made a very forwards advance on Sefer, which done to any other head-of-state would have probably resulted in her incarceration. However, Sefer, being Sefer, liked it very much. The two quickly became inseparable, with Lilith later moving in with Sefer.


Sefer Yetzirah[edit]

Lilith's girlfriend. The two have a loving relationship and are fiercely loyal to one another. Lilith is an emotive, out-going influence on the otherwise introverted Sefer, and she is responsible for the emergence of many of Sefer's more amiable personality traits.


  • Lilith is named for the first wife of Adam as depicted in Jewish mythology.

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