Lilith Heyerdahl (OU)

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Lilith Heyerdahl
Love Interests
Sefer Yetzirah (girlfriend)
Only My Railgun
Home Reality

Lilith Heyerdahl is a member of the Shinsengumi. She possesses the Stand Only My Railgun.


Lilith is kind, good natured, and sociable. She's easy to love and hard to hate, and is effectively the "Little Sister" of the Shinsengumi. She's loyal to her friends, especially Sefer Yetzirah. She acts as a counter to many of the Shinsengumi's more extreme personality traits; she's the compassionate, emotive counter to Original Zero's sheer logic, the positivist and outgoing counter to Lucy Farr's nihilism and antisocial nature and the calm and reasonable counter to Masuta Kira's hotheaded, impulse nature. As such, she's often the voice of reason, which means she occupies a position as the "rock" around which the Shinsengumi are anchored, even if Sefer still acts as the leader.


Stand Alone Complex[edit]

When she first appeared in the RPG, Lilith was the first person Sefer met after returning to the Kusanagi. The two joked about Zero's obsession with Bushido before heading off to inspect the Fruit of Life.

Negotations with the Sahagin[edit]

After the Kusanagi journeyed to Sapsa, Lilith remained aboard the ship with the rest of the Shinsengumi, whilst Sefer journeyed to the planet's surface. During that time, Cassius Calm escaped, engaging Lucy in battle. Lucy was defeated, but Cassius spared her, and requested his freedom in exchange for Lucy's life. Zero attempted to immediately strike down Cassius, but Lilith blocked his attempt with her own katana, negotiating Lucy's safety in exchange for Cassius's freedom. She advised against Kira doing "anything risky" after Cassius left the bridge, but her warnings fell on deaf ears as Kira charged into battle, angered by Lucy's condition.

Only My Railgun[edit]

Lilith's Stand is Only My Railgun, named for the first opening theme of the anime A Certain Scientific Railgun. Nothing yet is known about it, but judging by its name, it is safe to assume its appearance and abilities are related to electricity in some away. It is described as being a literal railgun by Lucy in We're Shinsengumi Lunatics!.


  • Lilith is named for the first wife of Adam as depicted in Jewish mythology. Her last name is just a name User:FullFrontal likes.

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