Lighthawk Wings

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Technique Name: Lighthawk Wings
Shown To Be Used By:

Zev Raregroove, Malygos, Washu, Tokimi

Main Function: Defense
Secondary Function: ??? [Shown to be capable of attacking; said to be needed for subspace travel]
Compatible Techniques: Matter-Energy Conversion; Energy Fusion

While not fully explained, Lighthawk Wings are shown to be an incredibly powerful technique. They manifest as at least mostly-wingshaped constructs of light energy hovering before the user's chest.

From what has been said of their power, Lighthawk Wings are in a league all their own. While they are capable of attack functions, their intended purpose is defense. Also, when used in conjunction with the technique of matter-energy conversion, they can be used to form dangerous armor and weapons.

Malygos was officially the first being shown using the Lighthawk Wings, but his had only activated and was out of control before Washu intervened. As has been seen, the number of Wings reflects the level of the user's skill and each individual has differently-shaped Lighthawk Wings—Although, it seems as they focus more power into them, the shape becomes more defined.


  • Malygos: his basic One Wing is a greatly elongated, slightly curved hexagon.
  • Zev Raregroove: his Four Wings vaguely resemble swords.
  • Washu: each of her Six Wings consist of twin elongated triangles connected at their narrow ends. Actually, they sort of resemble crab legs.
  • Tokimi: her number of Wings is unknown, and she has only been seen using this ability once; to glide to the surface of Malchior IV.


Zev's Lighthawk Armor/Sword: By using Matter-Energy Conversion, Zev can turn his Wings into a brighter-toned version of his own outfit, a powerful sword, and twin hovering shields at his forearms that can be converted into (Perhaps among other forms) slicing energy boomerangs.

Malygos's Lighthawk Wing [Type Holy/Shadow]: Unconsciously, Malygos was able to combine his Lighthawk Wing with Holy-Element Magic, creating a golden, angelic wing of seemingly greater defensive properties than his regular wing. A similar, black wing was created with much greater offensive capabilities when he merged his second wing with Shadow energy.


  • As has been mentioned briefly, the Third Dimension at least has a limit as to how many Lighthawk Wings it can support: Ten. Even if someone were powerful enough to use eleven or more, any attempts would have no result. This is thanks in part to Chousin Tokimi-kami-sama's balancing powers.
  • Though only referenced once, it has been said that when Ryoko's full power is realized, she will be able to manifest Ten Wings.