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Dark Hunters
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The Dark Hunters, formerly known as the Light Hunters, were an organization of peacekeepers in the Shattered Mirror Universe that were corrupted by Shadow Leeches.


The Dark Hunters were once called the "Light Hunters" and were an organization dedicated to the pursuit of peace. This changed when SMY killed their leader, the Enlightened One, and proceeded to disperse Shadow Leeches over the Light Hunters, which replaced their inner light with Shadow and turned them into the Dark Hunters.[1][2]

The Dark Hunters' status following the destruction of the Matoran Universe is unknown.[2]


  1. Enlightened One (revision on 18:33, Feb 18, 2012): "The Enlightened One was the leader of the Light Hunters, an organization dedicated to the pursuit of peace. He fought Ynot. And died. [...] His powers included firing light blasts, creating crystalline protodermis with his eyebeams (a bizarre reversal of The Shadowed One's disintegrator eyebeams, combined with his Rhotuka spinner power), and turning into a being made of pure light."
  2. 2.0 2.1 Ynot (SMU) (revision on 15:53, Feb 21, 2012): "[SMY] was seen attacking Xia when Starscream arrived. The OoMN member was fried by Sasuken, giving Ynot the chance to kill The Enlightened One and use Shadow Leeches to turn his "Light Hunters" into the Dark Hunters. [...] the MU [...] was destroyed in the process, so nothing came about except this Ynot's death."

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