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Lord Labrinth Lives
Black's Eleven Fall of Cluster Empire
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Lord Labrinth Lives, "Black's Eleven", is the eleventh of the Thirteen Starknights who rule the Fall of Cluster Empire. He is the first of his name and 332nd Duke of Dark.


Lord Lives wears a black coat of plates with a single spiked pauldron covering his right shoudler. His crest is ruby and his lance is tapered with an inbuilt handguard, akin to a jousting lance, that is striped black and red. Eleven red stars run down the left of his cuirass, from his gorget to his belt. He has a shock of black hair that covers the right side of his face.[1]


In 150,084 CMT, the Twelve Starknights, including Lord Lives, were gathered in the palace of Quartz Athene on Cumulus IX to witness the inauguration of the One. Lord Lives rose up from the crowd of Clusterian citizens when his name was called by the herald and joined the other Starknights as they orbited the central monument. The gathered Twelve then witnessed the inauguration of the One (Neutral Lucia), which made the Twelve Thirteen.[1]

Afterwards, the Thirteen proceeded into a meeting room to discuss how to respond to recent developments in the outer universe. During the meeting, Lord Lives agreed with Lord Luster Amazing Fortune's assessment that the Starknights could not sit idly by while Mazkertis wreaked havoc on the galaxy. He reminded the others that the Crystal Seers had reported nothing but bad tidings as of late and expressed his opinion that new rifts to other universes also required their attention. Lady Rain Becoming Apex asked Lord Lives to clarify his proposition, because their militaristic capabilities were meagre compared to those of other empires in the cosmos. By the end of the meeting, the Thirteen had decided that Mazkertis must be stopped.[2]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Lithan Telekinesis - Like most Lithans, Lord Lives has access to telekinetic abilities.[1]
  • Lithan Telecommunication - Like most Lithans, it is presumed that Lord Lives is able to telecommunicate with other members of his species.[3]


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