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Kuli was a Wo-Matoran and one of the only four members of the Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta to survive the Uterio War.


Before the War[edit]

Kuli was originally a Fa-Matoran (the Matoran of Magnetism), which made him the perfect candidate for Makuta Ordak's experiments. Because the experiment on Kuli was a success, he decided to thank the TrSBoM for his new powers by signing up as an employee. He became Ordak's official lab assistant. Kuli was present when Ordak experimented on Vultraz (these experiments included an attempt to give him the power of antidermis creation) but as Vultraz was unconscious at the time, he didn't remember him when they met once again.

During the Uterio War, fighting spread close to Ordak's lab, so he took Kuli and travelled to Stelta-Stal to report on the growing conflict. Sensing the imminent destruction of the TrSBoM, Starok put Kuli and Ordak into stasis there along with another Makuta present, Kulnak.

After the War[edit]

A few years after the end of the war, they were awoken by Starok, who in turn had been awoken by a telepathic call from Ferox. Kulnak and Ordak immediately started fighting, but were broken up by Kuli. Kuli accompanied them to Malchior IV to seek audience with another Makuta, Caiaphus. They successfully recruited him to their cause, though it was left ambiguous as to whether the cause was now theirs... or his.

Following the meeting, they went through a portal to Fareste and made Caiaphus a new set of Makuta armour there. Starok and Ordak both suddenly detected the presence of new Makuta consciousnesses in the multiverse, so Kuli suggested that they find them. Ordak located them as being on the Mata Nui II, so there they went. It turned out that the experiments Ordak had performed on Vultraz a few years prior had been successful, as he was the one responsible for creating the new clouds of living antidermis. However, their presence on the station was not undetected, as several of the site's Matoran transformed themselves into Toa to combat the Makuta threat. The newly-created Toa of Lightning used her Mask of Charisma to try and change the two Matoran's perspectives on the situation... and it worked. Kuli's viewpoint of the Makuta was flipped on its head, and he declared that the group were evil after they had killed or defeated the rest of the Toa. Starok understood what had happened to him, but as the effects were irreversible he told Kuli that he must stay on the station to live with the Matoran or die. Kuli chose to stay, but used his powers to teleport to Fareste to confront the group, as he predicted they would return there to create new Makuta armours for the new Makuta. He demanded that they return his research so he could find a way of stopping them, but his rant was halted by a fluffy appendage covering his mouth. The Parasitic Fluff swarm that had been lying dormant within the room quickly consumed him from the inside-out.


  • Kuli's name, species, and the TrSBoM itself were all created by JS. However, as Kuli never appeared in the RPG in person, Kon decided to introduce him properly himself to complete the unfinished plot of the TrSBoM.