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Kratos is probably Ynot's only joke character. He shows up, usually from the gates of Hades at the mention of the word 'God' or 'Gods' with the intent to kill. He usually puts up one heck of a fight before returning to Hades. He never stays there long.

Recently, he has become a Platinum Lantern under the control of Makuta Ynot. His first mission with the team was to locate and capture Figlio di Armechio. This was a success. he then tried to attack and kill Ra. This failed, and he was sent to the Duat, instead of Hades. There he fought Apophis and, after repeated defeat at his tail, managed to ride the Chaos snake out, and met Ulysses on a planet. They then went to a space station and ran into Ynot. Shenanigans.

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