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Kra'lythe Sect
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The Kra'lythe Sect, sometimes referred to as "Those with Scattered Visions", is an organization created by Eclipse that is mostly composed of former Time Guardians.

Because Eclipse is now a member of the Kindred of Dawn, the Kra'lythe are also members by proxy.


The Kra'lythe are the opposite of the Sha'lythe; while the Sha'lythe seek to preserve and protect the fabric of time, the Kra'lythe are bent on manipulating the the timestream to benefit themselves, regardless of the resulting effect on other beings or history as a whole. The Kra'lythe are led by Eclipse for the most part, but in Eclipse's absence, Genetoes takes charge as Eclipse's most trusted servant.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

The Kra'lythe are biologically similar to the Sha'lythe, but unlike the Sha'lythe, they seem to have much tougher skin and feel less need to meditate. The Kra'lythe are also extremely limited in terms of what powers they can be bestowed by a Living Star. This could be because only one Living Star, Eclipse, is prepared to create new Kra'lythe, but it could also be because no other Living Star is capable of giving them powers. Almost all of these powers are shadow-based, which they can use in various ways. Each Kra'lythe is equipped with a sword or other weapon for them to channel their powers through. When connected to their weapons, Kra'lythe can create tears in space and time, which they can use to travel instantly between two points in space-time before sealing them up again with the same weapon they created the tear with. If they do not seal the tears they create, there is a greater chance that the tears will be detected by Sha'lythe, who will then arrive to fight them and repair the damage done.

Known Members[edit]

While there are apparently tens of Kra'lythe native to the Original Universe, only three of them have ever been named: Genetoes, Minutún, and Quolas. Quolas joined the sect aeons ago to escape his dying planet, but did not truly believe in the cause. As soon as Quolas discovered the existence of the Sha'lythe, he defected to them instead. Genetoes and Minutún, on the other hand, are absolutely devoted to the sect and its leader Eclipse.