Kordaz Sabersword

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Kordaz Sabersword
A drawing of the Sabersword by its creator



Weapon type

Double-handled sword



Blade type

Solid energy

The Kordaz Sabersword was a clunky energy sword powered by Ilum crystals created by Kakamu in his lab. He used it as his secondary weapon (the primary being the Guardian Fire Spear), when he was searching for the Vahi on Odina. While there, it was destroyed by Airwatcher with a concentrated blast of acid.

It is entirely possible that Kakamu named it after Kordak, a Makuta he worked with at the time, as Kakamu kept getting his name slightly wrong to annoy him.

Appearance & Design[edit]

The Sabersword contained several blue Ilum crystals within its golden casing, which gave the sword its electrical power all along the front "sharp" edge of the weapon. When activated, the sword could function like a lightsaber and slice through almost any kind of solid matter with ease (thus its name, the sabersword). The power provided by the crystals could be seen rippling throughout the interior underneath the glass parts of the weapon when the weapon was activated. When it was deactivated, no energy or electrical discharge underneath the glass could be seen.

The Sabersword had two firm grips: one at the back where the "hilt" would normally be, and one at the bottom instead of a handguard. This design accommodated a range of fighting techniques. For example, if the user had their left hand on the bottom grip and their right on the other, it was easier to perform stabbing motions than it would be with normal swords. Theoretically, if two people with activated Kordaz Saberswords were dueling, should the two swords touch the owners would be blasted backwards ten feet into chairs that may or may not have been there before.

Only one was ever built, but since the designs for the weapon were transported to Destral before Kakamu's lab was destroyed, both the Brotherhood of Makuta and Books LLC have the blueprints in their databases somewhere.