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"I have led a life of disappointment, never being able to claim what is rightfully mine. This Platinum Ring has given me individual power, individual purpose."
Komerak to User MY

Komerak is a Toa of Ice and the former second-in-command of the Toa Yerta. After he was separated from his team by a Nova Blast, he was inducted into the Platinum Lantern Corps.


Early life[edit]

Komerak was created as a Toa by the Great Beings along with the rest of his original team in the year 5023. They were not told what their purpose was, but they banded together as friends and toured the Matoran Universe, protecting the Matoran of the southern islands from various threats such as Frostelus and Parakrekks. One day, when they arrived on Metru Nui, they witnessed the Kanohi Dragon attack the city so they fought it with their combined elemental powers. The battle lasted for hours, but they eventually managed to trap it in a Toa Seal. Despite risking their lives to save the Matoran, they received almost no credit, with the only recording of the event mentioning "a few Toa trapping a beast". Komerak and the rest of the team were furious, so the question was asked: "Why give them our help if they don't want it?". As a result, the team drifted apart and the Toa it was comprised of went their separate ways.

A couple thousand years later, Komerak was killed in a battle against Makuta Grahmah and sent to the Red Star to be revived. Unfortunately, the Kestora operating on him forgot to sedate him, so he was conscious during the painful procedure. Because he remembered himself dying in great detail, he assumed he was in the afterlife, but not the good one. While pretending to be unconscious for a few hours while the Kestora conversed with others of its kind nearby, Komerak learned the truth about the Red Star and the cycle of life and death for the Toa. Choosing to seize the opportunity to ask an ever-lingering question on his mind, he broke free of his bonds, froze the Kestora in place from the waist-down, and asked them: "What is my purpose?". The one who revived him stated that he needed to be brought back, because it was his destiny to become the Turaga of Taln (otherwise known as Gatherer's Homeland). Komerak had received his answer, but it was not one that he liked. He stated that his power was the only thing that kept him alive as long as it did with the fight with the Makuta, and vowed to never give it up. After deducing how to operate the Red Star's teleportation system, he beamed himself back to the Matoran Universe and resumed his old life.

Around the time of the Matoran Civil War, Komerak lived in a village on the shores of the Northern Continent, as far away from Taln as he could be. On one sleepless night, he heard the sound of wood smash and raised voices coming from the sea. Following the sounds, he saw three Toa: Rabot, Tanrus, and Naterohk, climb out of the wreckage of a small boat on the rocks of the beach. He asked them what had happened to them, because the seas were calm the last time he checked. Naterohk said that she had only just become a Toa so she decided to test out her powers by creating small waves in the seas around them. However, because she had not been trained to master her powers, it went horribly wrong and they ended up being washed ashore. Komerak offered to train her himself, and the others if it were necessary, but Rabot declined to take part as he had already mastered his element. Instead, he offered Komerak a place on his team, and he gladly accepted on the condition that they do not travel to the lands below the Southern Continent on their adventures. Rabot agreed (having been driven insane on Tren Krom's island previously), so Komerak became the fourth Toa Yerta.

Toa Yerta[edit]

After the full team was formed, the Toa Yerta had many adventures, and Komerak enjoyed living life like he used to before his original team disbanded. Toa Ignika II became his best friend, and Komerak tought him how to speak again. The Yerta also participated in the Toa-Skakdi War that was instigated by Blackout and Malygos, fighting on the front lines on Zakaz. When they heard that the Matoran Universe was to be made uninhabitable many years later, Komerak and his team used an experimental teleportation device that Tanrus took from Malygos, which allowed them to escape the impending doomsday. It worked, and they ended up on a random planet somewhere else in the OU. Many years passed, during which they bullied Koranis again, fell into a plothole which led to the Unireverse, drove back to the main universe with Metax and briefly fought in the Battle of Mata Nui II.

Eventually rumours reached the Yerta concerning the hostile takeover of the multiverse by the Great Beings. The Yerta decided to investigate by tracking down one of them, namely, Serecio. They entered his ship, but triggered an alarm, were taken to the deck by some robots, and were beaten up by him. In a bizarre twist of fate, their lives were saved when Wing Justice and Strike Destiny brought their raging battle to the exterior of the Nakamura, which caused it to crash-land into the Icy Planet. The Yerta were thrown down one of the corridors as the gravity shifted and dunked in a pool of energized protodermis, which transformed their weapons, armour, and bodies into more powerful versions of their past selves. Unfortunately, not everyone survived the dunk: Ignika II didn't survive the transformation, much to Komerak's dismay. Before he could mourn, he found himself glowing with yellow energy. Realizing that he was now more powerful than ever before, he laughed in ecstasy, mocking the Great Beings for trying to choose his destiny for him all those years ago. While he was distracted, he failed to notice that the yellow energy was actually a manifestation of a Nova Blast, and it exploded around him. He was sent flying across the landscape, landing in an icy cave and being knocked unconscious. He tried to find the other Yerta when he recovered, but no matter where he looked, they were nowhere to be found. He returned to the cave, contemplating what to do next.

A few weeks passed and Komerak was attacked by an ice bear. Weakened due to lack of sustenance, he was forced to fight it off using his nagamaki alone. On the verge of giving up and raging at the universe for denying him a better life, the cave was suddenly lit with a silver glow that emanated from a floating ring. Shocked, Komerak reached forward to grab it, and was enveloped in its energies. The symbol of the Platinum Lantern Corps branded itself onto his chest, and the ring flew him into space. Once there, it opened a portal to the User HQ, and he rolled across the floor. There he met the other Platinum Lantern recruits, and was sent to Vizima to train with them.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Ring Powers[edit]

  • Flight - Komerak's Platinum Lantern Ring enables him to fly effortlessly through air, water or vacuum at whatever speed he desires.
  • Personal Forcefield Creation - Komerak can use his ring to generate a protective, airtight forcefield around himself.
  • Pride Constructs - With his ring, Komerak can create whatever he imagines in physical form by tapping into his own pride. These constructs are made of platinum-coloured pride energy, drawn from the Emotional Spectrum, and only exist as long as Komerak has his focus on them.

Elemental Powers[edit]

  • Ice Creation - Komerak can create ice or freeze things using his hands.
  • Ice Control - Komerak has complete control over all frozen liquids, and can cause them to levitate or form objects. However, he cannot control liquid that has yet to be frozen.
  • Ice Absorption - Komerak can absorb certain amounts of ice into his body, which becomes stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Ice Nova Blast - If he had to, Komerak could release all of his elemental energy in the form of an ice nova blast, which would be a freezing explosion large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city.

Mask Powers[edit]

  • Water Breathing - Komerak's Kanohi Kaukau grants him the ability to breathe underwater when activated.
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