Kok Daw

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Kok Daw
Home Reality
"Well the Tiger Youth the fear what the don't know n the hate what the fear nw information to the rebellion from today am on the fire with Gaon."
Kok Daw to Tree Tree[1]

Kok Daw was one of the guards of Gaon Kug's palace on Rhadan.


In 150,084 CMT, Kok Daw was on a break at the bar of Gaon Kug's palace with several other guards when he noticed that people were climbing up to the palace with ropes. Kok used his binoculars to take a closer look and realized that the climbers were rebels who were planting bombs on the underside of the palace, so he alerted the other guards. Tree Tree did not believe Kok, so he took Kok's binoculars to see for himself and recognized one of the Willsons (either Whoa Willson or Will Willson) among the rebels.[2] Tree Tree took aim at Sinjon, but Kok tripped into him and said some gibberish that ruined his shot. Both guards were then distracted by the appearance of Whoa Willson behind them, who jokingly welcomed them both to the "Willson Bazaar". Kok tried to order a Goldeneye of Leme from the "bar", but Whoa responded by blasting him with his shotgun.[1]