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The Kitsune Council is a group of powerful kitsune.


The KC's leader is their 'god' an ancient kitsune of great power. Below him are several other old and powerful kitsune. Elections are held for positions on the main council once a milennium, but to compete each candidate must have possessed a full nine tails for at least a hundred consecutive years, and be at least 900 years old. In case of death the member's seat is empty until the next election rolls around.

They are located in no stable location, but rather in a kitsune realm maintained by the members whose entrance is moved randomly. The exact location is kept top secret.

Underneath the main council are the much more flexible agents. They have varying autonomy, and are employed by the council to further its goals. Agents are contacted by a lower-ranking member of the Council when they are needed for a mission.


The first action of the KC that showed up in the RPG was the sealing of the ferretfox K'theenya into a marble. This plan to neutralize her ended when the marble was destroyed unsealing her in the presence of Ynot

The second notable action they've taken was capturing the unicorn/kitsune hybrids Kithlara and Asharajaki in a research facility towards unknown ends.


The overarching stated goal of the KC is preservation of the kitsune species.

They seem to be against kitsune hybrids with other powerful magical species as these may inherit non-kitsune magic. Removal of tails from kitsune they deem unready for such power, as well as providing tails for those who have served them well is another function of theirs.

In pursuit of their goal of kitsune survival they seem to be gathering data on the inherent magic of other species, most notably unicorns.

Known Members[edit]

The Kitsune Council has no named members that have shown up in the RPG.