Kensa (OU)

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129 (29 physically)
In stasis in the UG
Home Reality

Kensa is a human inventor who came from the planet Rhadan.


Kensa speaks with a deep, smooth voice, has gelled black hair and is extremely casual. He is often unaware of the gravity of some situations, which annoys Etende to the extreme. He also wears a black trenchcoat and circular, silver goggles, with glowing blue lenses.


The only information that exists about Kensa comes from his early life and the present day, nothing much in-between is known about him... yet.

When he first became noticeable in the OU, he was best friends with Jarvis and Etende, who he travelled with across various cities across Rhadan. This was when he was about 25 years of age, and 104 years ago. When they were stuck in the middle of the desert once, they came across Jubei, who offered them a lift out of the desert in return for questing for him. He, along with the others, travelled to the Anemos Sanctum, and here is where the information runs out.

Somewhere in this time period of between 100 years ago and the present day, he drank the Jarvisian Life Elixir, which made him invulnerable to old age. Only he, Jarvis and Etende drank it, before it was stolen by an unknown warrior.

Until recently, him and Etende were living on Atuar Sadiares. They recently had an argument about Jarvis' disappearance and Muta's whereabouts. A year or so later, he was abducted by DU Monarch and placed into the UG.


  • Kensa, along with Jarvis and Etende, first appeared in the BZPB spin-off RPG Heat the Soul.