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Karzahni was a hellish, barren island in the Matoran Universe that fell into Matoran legend.


Karzahni was built by the Matoran according to the Great Beings' specifications during the construction of the Matoran Universe.[1]

Ynot fled to Karzahni in his antidermis form when he was forced to fake his own death in order to escape from the Legion Makuta. In the centuries that followed where Ynot was presumed dead, he rested and recuperated in a cave on the edge of Karzahni and prepared for the day when he would complete his revolt against Blackout and the Legion Makuta.[2]

Ynot later returned to Karzahni for a sparring match with Silver-Silver. While Ynot was distracted, Blackout snuck aboard the Cabana III and sabotaged it, rendering it useless.[3]

In 100,080 CMT,[4] Blackout took over the Matoran Universe, brainwashed its Matoran, and ordered them to dismantle all of its buildings and use the materials to build Darkmount. It is unknown how affected Karzahni was by this event, but Blackout later stated that all the beings in the Matoran Universe had been transferred to Darkmount, implying that part or all of its population had been taken aboard the city-ship.[5]

The name of Karzahni continued to be used as a minor expletive among former Matoran Universe inhabitants long after its abandonment due to its status in Matoran legend. "Karzahni" became analogous to the Common word "hell", appearing in usages such as "Go to Karzhani" and "What the Karzahni?". For example, Blade once told Ynot to "go to Karzahni", to which he replied "Been there, nice place".[6]


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