Kalta Thaea

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Kalta Thaea is a planet with an ancient history that starkly contradicts the actual planet that was located in modern times.


Slightly smaller than the average planet, thought to be uninhabited, Kalta Thaea has a dull appearance that many would find unpleasant. Dark, dry, and cold, it basically resembles a huge dirt clod. The days are brief and the nights are long; at night, there are few clouds, so many stars can be clearly seen.


According to most records, the Kalta Thaea known today is vastly different to the Kalta Thaea of ancient history. In the far-flung (And completely unverified) past, Kalta Thaea's inhabitants were said to have been gifted with wondrous technology which they used to secure a...Unique position in the galactic economy.

With this unknown technology, the Kalta Thaeans were able to construct artificial planets. They would build any planet for anyone, provided it was at all possible within the laws of nature (Perhaps given just a little bending of those laws...) and that a sheerly ludicrous amount of money could be paid. From planets made completely of rubber to planets that grew steaks on trees, Kalta Thaeans were renowned for catering to all sorts of fancies and whims.

However, their success was destined to rise quickly and wilt suddenly. When their galaxy's ruling government went bankrupt and that empire crumbled, so too did Kalta Thaea sink into the mists of obscurity. To this day, Kalta Thaea is still widely discussed for its improbably coincidental location on the ancient starmaps.

As for its legendary history, less than 1% of the modern populace believes a lick of it.

Many years later, Mazkertis formed the Kindred of Dawn on this planet. It is likely that they intend to use Kalta Thaea as their headquarters.

Other Data[edit]

Population Status: Uninhabited

Major Resources of Value: Unknown/None

Settlement Priority Level: Very Low