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Shattered Mirror Kakamu MOC by DRJ
Matoran Universe (SMU)
Trantoshen (SMU) (Adopted son)
Shadow Scythe (Formerly)
Brotherhood of Makuta (SMU)
Home Reality

Kakamu, or (SMK), is the version of Kakamu from the Shattered Mirror Universe.


He joined a battle between Ta'harok and Blackout in his first appearance. It was short lived however, as he was soon abducted and taken aboard the Enterprise by Ta'harok. He escaped and took residence on an asteroid which had also come through the Shattered Mirror around the same time as he did. On this asteroid was Shattered Mirror Yon, who was paralyzed due to an attack by Skelly Bones.

Later, SMK somehow managed to steal Kakamu's Armagus. It was later abandoned or destroyed.

He then teleported onto one of Ta'harok's ships, along with Ynot and the original Kakamu. They began fighting with Blackout and each other. SMK killed Ta'harok in an attempt to ally himself with Blackout, though he remained unimpressed.

At some point, Kakamu and SMK fought beside an active volcano. During the battle, Kakamu managed to suck his antidermis into a vial, which he then threw straight into the lava. This incinerated SMK's antidermis and killed him.

Several years later, when Kakamu and Trantoshen found themselves lost in a pocket dimension, SMK appeared to them and warned them about an upcoming invasion which he called "Death from the Dark Universe", as he thought it was fair. He also revealed to them that this invasion was to do with his resurrection, and that he was under orders for a few days. He escaped the pocket dimension, and allied himself with Dukamu. They teleported to a black, rocky planet and began building a gateway to the Dark Universe.

Much later, when they had finally finished it, it was activated and DU Monarch came through. He was already well acquainted with Dukamu, but did not recognize SMK, so he questioned him about his universe. SMK replied that his universe was not a splinter timeline of the Dark Universe, so Monarch destroyed his armour and exiled his antidermis to the UG in a bubble. Some time during the months that followed this incident, SMK escaped the UG the same way he did before, gained a new set of Makuta armour, and made his way to Vassilan. While there, he was attacked by Kivalon, who thought SMK was his brother. SMK threw him off and trapped him in a stasis field with Caiaphus, stating that he was there to exact revenge on the Vassila for some reason, and that the two Makuta had better stay out of his way.

Abilities & Traits[edit]

Having been created as a pure Makuta, SMK has access to the 42 Kraata powers, as well as shadow energy. In his first appearance he wore the Kanohi Dexter, the Mask of Reversion, though this mask was later destroyed and replaced with a mask resembling a Noble Jutlin.