Kakamu's first laboratory

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Kakamu's first lab was an underground laboratory on the island of Nynrah that originally belonged to the Nynrah Ghosts, but was given to Kakamu as a thank-you for driving Koranis off the island. Kakamu used it as a laboratory, a storage space, and a testing area. Here he created the Kordaz Sabersword, the Nirak Laser-Drill, and the Nui-Kiru species. He also conducted various experiments with Makuta Viruses, DNA, and even Hydrax energy here. There was clips and hooks around the desks and walls to hold tubes and weapons. The single entrance to the lab was guarded by a number of Shadow Matoran, including Mocax if Kakamu didn't need his assistance in the lab. After Kakamu left the ranks of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Blackout had the contents of the lab and its database transferred to Destral, and left the site empty. It was then destroyed along with Nynrah itself by a T-4 missile fired from Destral.

Nearly a hundred millennia after the occupation of this laboratory, Kakamu would still recall the good times he spent in it, and would still base future labs and testing areas off the design of this one.