Jurai (OU)

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Azusa Glory (Emperor),
Misaki Raregroove (Empress)



Ethnic Groups

Juraians (majority population),
Royal Trees






Juraian System (Undisputed)





Space Colonies




Jurai is the seat of one of the known universe's very mightiest empires. It is ruled by the Glory-Raregroove Family, with Zev being the First Prince and heir to the throne.

The Royal Trees[edit]

Jurai's presence in the universe would have been impossible without the Royal Trees. Specifically, these trees kickstarted Jurai's grow in power thanks to studies by Misaki Raregroove - sister to Sunshine Raregroove, the originator of the Raregroove bloodline and First Emperor alongside Rayleigh Glory, originator of the Glory bloodline. It was known to all Juraians that the trees were sentient and contained great power.

However, Misaki discovered that the trees had a natural tendency to harmonize with other organic beings; improving and prolonging their vitality. While Jurai already existed separate from the universe's main timestream, once a tree found a Juraian "worthy" of bonding, their life would be prolonged indefinitely; just as the trees were constantly sustained by an unknown property of Jurai's environment.

It was at Jurai's first major industrial revolution that they truly began their ascension to empire status. Still alive and kicking, Misaki Raregroove's continued tinkering with the Royal Trees led to another discovery: When combined with special Tree Ships, spacefaring vessels were created with the ability to produce Lighthawk Wings far more easily and effectively than a mortal alone. As the Lighthawk Wings allowed Jurai's Tree Ships to safely and quickly traverse Subspace, it was millennia before other ships came into existence that could even hope to match this travelling speed.

As the Lighthawk Wings quickly showed unheard-of defensive properties to boot, Jurai's Tree Ships became feared and respected across an ever-growing number of galaxies: At the time of this particular discovery, a single competent Juraian Royal working in concert with their partnered Tree and Tree Ship could decimate an average fleet of spaceships.

For reasons yet-unexplained, Royal Trees contain a distinct sentience and immense power. Each Tree is entirely self-aware, capable of reasoning and compassion, and are well-known for only obeying their Juraian partners while the Juraian code of honor and self-appointed responsibility to help the weak is obeyed.

Royal Family[edit]

Emperor - Azusa Glory

Empress - Misaki Raregroove

First Prince - Zev Raregroove

First Princess - Tamao Glory

Second Princess - Anna Raregroove


  • Jurai has an SS-Class political presence. It was designated as a Type-III empire (Spacefaring) by the Galactic Government.
  • Jurai is the latest in a long list of incorporated plot elements from Tenchi Muyo!. For more information on the original Jurai, read this.