Juan Avyu

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This article is about one of Bill Wilson's guards. For the mercenary working for Bane who once posed as Juan Avyu, see Juan Avem.
Juan Avyu
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Juan Avyu was one of the guards of Bill Wilson's plane. He was eventually replaced by Juan Avem and killed by Bane.


Juan was one of Bill Wilson ("CIA")'s trusted allies. He, and the rest of Wilson's crew, were entrusted with guarding his aeroplane. He was one of the guards present when TTT and Kranxx brought Lalli Cain to CIA on Malchior IV. Juan escorted Cain onto the plane and watched while Wilson interrogated him. Unfortunately, he was helpless to stop Cain from breaking out of his handcuffs, and was immediately knocked out by the mercenary. Juan survived the subsequent crash of the plane and walked away from the wreckage with only cuts and bruises. CIA was not happy that his beloved plane had been destroyed, so he had his crew obtain another, identical one.

While CIA was travelling to Kartouche's concert on Tybion, Juan and the others flew the new plane there and parked it in Hungry-man's log cabin. When Juan wandered away from the group, he was knocked unconscious and replaced by Juan Avem, a rival mercenary working for Bane. Avem disguised himself as Avyu with a Spytech disguise kit, so that CIA and the others would not be able to tell that one of their own had been replaced.

Meanwhile, Avyu was delivered to Bane, who was hiding out in the bathroom of the cabin. Bane and his men tried to get information out of him, but Avyu refused to betray CIA. As a result, Bane dropped Avyu into the toilet and had one of his men flush him down. Avyu was killed instantly by the matter converter at the base of the toilet, which stripped all the flesh off his bones.

However, Avyu's death was not in vain. When the log cabin crashed on Meme World, and the survivors started taking the toilet apart, one of them discovered Avyu's skeleton. Her screams notified the Shell-Shocked Cat, who took the skeleton back to the Dong Squad. The appearance of the skeleton was a miracle for BONES, whose own skeleton had sustained heavy damage during his battle with Tommy Wiseau. The LGAMs on board the ship transferred BONES's essence into Avyu's skeleton, which successfully saved his life.