Jortenn Karzdus

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Jortenn Karzdus
Human Cadmus Clone
Cadmus Facility, Korasa
A lightsaber
Home Reality
Original Universe

Jortenn Karzdus was a clone created by Project Cadmus using the genetic material of Jorten Karzdus, a Jedi hero. He escaped alongside Rainn Sulrai and Klak, assisting them in various endeavors. He was eventually killed at Ragnarok.


A New Birth[edit]

The original Jorten Karzdus was a Jedi from an unknown world who eventually arrived in the Original Universe. Sometime after his arrival, he saved a human colony on Krustallos from disaster, becoming their hero. In 149,454 CMT Karzdus left the colony to obtain intel to aid him in his adopted world's fight against Caiaphus. The Makuta seized upon this opportunity and infected the colony with a manufactured plague. When Karzdus returned and found what had happened to his people, he fought with Caiaphus, but the Makuta escaped alive. Karzdus soon contracted the plague himself, so he decided to commit suicide in front of his statue rather than allow the plague to claim his life.

A New Birth[edit]

Hundreds of years later, Project Cadmus obtained a DNA sample of Karzdus. The group's unique biotechnology resulted in the creation of Jortenn, a clone of the deceased Jedi complete with memories and Force sensitivity (although not a perfect copy, as Dr. Ciel noted that their souls were distinct). However, as Cadmus had not stabilized the aging process, Jortenn was already as old as he was when his counterpart died and would have likely aged rapidly.

Jortenn was put into a vat by Cadmus, to be released when someone of his talents would be needed/useful. When Klak and Ciel were escaping rogue Cadmus scientists Richtofen and Nuvo Vindi, Klak decided to release Jortenn alongside Rainn Sulrai, another clone of a long-deceased hero. Jortenn assisted with the escape and helped apprehend the rogue operatives.

Omega Supreme[edit]


A New Death[edit]

Jortenn helped Klak, Ferret, Osseron, and others track down the Malchiorian prisoners and investigate the RacKoon City plague. When Ragnarok broke out, Jortenn fought with all his might, dying in service to everything his "father" and the Jedi Order once stood for.

The Mazkertis Paradox[edit]

Those that knew Jortenn were shocked to see various apparitions of him during the war against Mazkertis, suggesting that the events were severely distorting the timeline.