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John Sheppard
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This article is about the member of the Atlantis Expedition. For the treacherous former master of the Zion Cluster, see John Shepard.

John Sheppard was a human member of the Atlantis Expedition.


John Sheppard and Rodney McKay took a wrong turn while flying a Puddle Jumper and crashed into the Makuta Space Station.[1] Bitil responded by punching through the intruders' windshield, but he was defeated when he was shot in the head with a drone weapon, so Krika trapped Sheppard and McKay in a forcefield and attempted to question them instead.[2] The Makuta Space Station was destroyed soon afterwards, but Sheppard later appeared alive and well to defend Atlantis from Blackout in the Battle of Lantea.[1][3] He fired his P90 at Blackout, but this was ineffective, so Blackout blasted Sheppard with shadow energy and threw him into a wall.[1]

His status following the deconstruction of Atlantis is unknown.


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