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John Shepard
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Shepard in his original body
~80 (Original Body)
Unknown (Consciousness)
Takemikazuchi Officer Pistol
The Covenant
Existing as consciousness
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John Shepard was a human man, widely recognized as one of the most dangerous in existence. During his life he organized nearly as many deaths as Naju, with whom he was later allied, and was directly responsible for multiple wars and conflicts across the Original Universe. He was the leader of the organization Zion, and later a member of the Brotherhood of Steel.

He was eventually killed by Blackout, though this wasn't the end of his existence; his consciousness somehow continued to exist until it was salvaged into an antidermis vessel by the Shinsengumi. However, since then, he has escaped to pursue his own agenda.


In his life Shepard was truly malicious. He had no concern for morality, and would betray or use anyone he saw necessary to achieve his goals. Despite being a human in a universe ruled by super-powerful beings such as Makuta, Shepard was able to keep pace with his enemies by commanding huge armies, masterminding grand schemes and constructing immense superweapons such as Side 8.


Shepard was salvaged by the Takemikazuchi into an antidermis form, which contained his consciousness. He was restrained in this form by hardened protodermis and kept within a secure environment to contain him. However, a small microfracture - only a few nanometers large - was present in the wall of the environment, through which Shepard was able to extend an offshoot of his anitdermis body, infesting the internal systems of the ship. When part of this body that had fused with the ship was discovered by Lunamaria Hawke, Shepard left his body and took over hers, killing a lone Takemikazuchi officer and attempting to kill Lucrezia Sephirah. Still being able to control his antidermis form despite his consciousness no longer being within it, he activated the ship's self-destruct, forcing Lucrezia and the crew of the ship to evacuate in escape pods. He then took the ship for himself, deactivating the self-destruct at the last moment, and crippling the Takemikazuchi vessels Dominion and Terminus before they had a chance to destroy the hijacked Covenant. He then departed, intending to locate Blackout.


Blackout was one of Shepard's enemies throughout his life, as well as being the one directly responsible for his death. Short of having lost his memory, very little is going to be able to prevent Shepard from fully hating one of his primary enemies.

It is unknown if Shepard is even aware of Sefer's existence, though it is clear that Sefer is aware of his, as she ordered his salvaging.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Antidermis Control

Despite being originally created to contain him as a prisoner, the red crystalline matter he was originally salvaged into has become one of Shepard's greatest assets. It is a mass of red, living crystalline antidermis that he can control with his mind as if it were part of his own body; he can use it to interface with technology, as a weapon, or as a conduit for his consciousness. Currently it is interfaced with the internal systems of the Covenant, allowing him to control it mentally.

  • Possession

As a disembodied consciousness, Shepard can inhabit the bodies of others and control them. He can access the memories of anyone he possesses. He is currently in the body of Takemikazuchi officer Lunamaria Hawke.


  • Shepard is named after, and originally resembled, the Stargate Atlantis character John Sheppard. However, his last name is spelt differently - purely because User:FullFrontal didn't realize at the time that the Stargate character's name was spelt with two 'P's. The misspelling has since been retained, for continuity.
  • Curiously enough, Shepard's misspelt name is the same as that of the protagonist of the Mass Effect series.

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