Jinx (Malchiorian)

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Human (Malchiorian)
Love Interests
Peter (boyfriend)
Guns, assorted weapons
Nadle, D-Klak, Klak, Peter, Good Rebels, others.
Caiaphus, Blackout, ZFT, anyone evil
Home Reality
This article is about the Malchiorian ally of Klak. For the other character named Jinx, see Jinx (Teen Titans).

Jinx, inspired by the female GIJOE ninja, was a Malchiorian warrior who was spunky, intelligent, and always willing to help those in need.


Jinx often wore a bright red-colored armored jumpsuit. She was an excellent pilot and combatant. She had taken on brutal foes, but was still headstrong and kind to others. She was a great ally to Klak.


She was introduced in the Battle of Krustallos as someone who was adept in flying a star fighter and fighting on the ground. She has then gone on to evolve into a contributing and important member of what was once the Rebel Alliance, even long after the Uterio War ended. She was seen fighting by Klak's side in almost every conflict, even in the Battle of Omega Supreme.

When Klak disappeared temporarily, she stayed on Malchior IV, taking care of Nadle while he was in the hospital, and waiting to see if Klak could return. He did, and Jinx went off on an expedition to find the source of the RacKoon City Plague.

Jinx was one of the participants of Ragnarok, along with her boyfriend Peter, another Malchiorian ally of Klak.


  • Jinx's character is inspired by the character of the same name from G.I. Joe, who shares her name and original character design.
  • There is another character named Jinx in BZPB - Jinx of the Teen Titans. Funnily enough, both are characters who are derived from other works of fiction.