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Jepps was a Malchiorian soldier who was in RacKoon City at the time of the vampire plague.


In 150,082 CMT, Jepps and his friends and fellow soldiers Klein and Zhofar went on a night out in RacKoon City to celebrate the end of the Uterio War. As the three of them drank Malchiorian Super Water (a substance analogous to alcohol), Jepps met a girl and danced with her for a whole hour solid. This prompted Klein to speculate that Jepps could get married now that the war had passed, because Jepps was known to have a long-lasting love life.[1]

Over the next few hours, Jepps fled the club when he noticed that the Super Water carried a plague that transformed its drinkers into vampire-like creatures. Jepps met Zhofar when the latter ran into an alleyway and asked if he knew what was going on, but Zhofar responded that he had no idea. The two soldiers were then interrupted by the infected Klein, who declared that the vampires were working for the best interests of Malchior IV. Jepps ordered Klein to explain himself, but was pounced on by the infected soldier, who punched Jepps's face and bit into his neck. As more of the infected appeared, Zhofar had no choice but to flee in an attempt to survive.[2]