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A gun
Unknown; presumably deceased
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Jeff was a ZFT soldier who was stationed at the prison in Ipomal, Teruga Prime's underground capital city. He was likely killed when the Spire of Conquest collapsed on top of it.


Jeff was chosen to be the scapegoat for the murder of Vok by Yon's Dong Squad. This was done by No Image Guy turning into a virus and entering Jeff's suit's visor - once complete, No Image Guy showed Jeff an illusion of David Robert Jones commanding him to kill Vok. Jeff was unsure, but felt compelled to kill him, so he did so by shooting the Terugan president through the eye. Afterwards, the hologram of DRJ told Jeff to take a nap, as he deserved it. No Image Guy then exited the visor, materialized, and clonked Jeff over the head.

Jeff was likely killed if he was still unconscious when the foundations of the Spire of Conquest were destroyed. He was picked up on security footage killing Vok instead of No Image Guy, as the latter does not appear on images taken via electronic equipment.

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