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The brothers Jasdevi: Jasdero (left) and Devit (right).
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"Jasdevi" is a portmanteau of the names Jasdero and Devit, who are a pair of twins in the Noah Family that serve the Millennium Earl. As well as being used to refer to both characters at the same time, the phrase "Jasdevi" is also the name of a unique being that is created when Jasdero and Devit use their power to fuse together into one entity.

It is unclear whether Jasdevi (the fusion) or Jasdevi (the twins) came first, but this article operates under the assumption that the twins are Jasdevi's true form.


One day, the Millennium Earl ordered Jasdero and Devit to hunt down a trio of shamans: Kanna Bismarch, Marion Phauna, and Matilda Matisse. The brothers tracked them to the Vesica Piscis, which was then parked on an unknown planet. They summoned a small army of Familiars, that took the form of armoured, eyeless black foxes, to dispose of the guards outside the ship. This use of magic was detected by both Kanna and Kyoya Hibari, the latter of whom warned Shroom to protect the ship as he, Thalim and Ryoko went out to confront their attackers.

As soon as they saw the evil Familiars that Jasdevi had created, Thalim, Ryoko, and Hibari wasted no time in destroying them. Jasdevi fought back by firing Red Bullets at them, but their attacks were negated by Hibari's Cloud Flames. As soon as Jasdevi's Familiars encountered even more resistance in the form of Nefelpitou, Blegnekk, and the Varia, the brothers decided that it was time to call for reinforcements.

Jasdevi continued fighting while they waited for said reinforcements, but were soon overwhelmed. When Devit was injured by Hibari's Cloud Flames, they decided to pull their trump card: Grudge. They summoned the mud monster to cause a diversion aboard the ship while they slipped away into a shadowy mass, disappearing without a trace.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Materialization - In combat, Jasdevi fight with a pair of golden revolvers through which they channel their powers. The main power they use in conjunction with their guns is Materialization. Because their guns are not loaded with physical ammo, Jasdevi can create special bullets from thin air and fire them from their revolvers. The bullets they create have varying properties; Red Bullets, for example, explode into fireballs as soon as they are fired.
  • Shamanism - The brothers have some degree of shamanic ability. They were able to create and control large amounts of Familiars, which took the form of black, eyeless, armoured foxes.
  • Fusion - The brothers Jasdevi could fuse into a singular entity that was also called Jasdevi. However, they have not been seen doing this in the pages of BZPB.

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