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Jarvis before he died, next to an enslaved Ferox.
127 (27 physically)
A mech
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Jarvis was a human scientist who came from the planet Rhadan.


The only information that exists about Jarvis comes from his early life and the present day, nothing much in-between is known about him... yet.

When he first became noticeable in the OU, he was best friends with Kensa and Etende, who he travelled with across various cities across Rhadan. This was when he was about 20 years of age, and 100 years ago. When they were stuck in the middle of the desert once, they came across Jubei, who offered them a lift out of the desert in return for questing for him. He, along with the others, travelled to the Anemos Sanctum, and here is where the information runs out.

It is presumed that somewhere in this time period of between 100 years ago and the present day, he built Muta and created the Jarvisian Life Elixir, which makes the drinker invulnerable to old age. Only he, Kensa and Etende drank it, before it was stolen by an unknown warrior. He then strangely disappeared, and was never seen again until Rahksha was invited to his pocket dimension. He somehow built a mecha and gained control of Ferox's mind, making him his servant, during this time.

In the present day, he sent Ferox to fetch Rahksha for him for an unknown reason. He then took him back to Jarvis' lair, where he descended from his mech and started talking to him. Rahksha requested that Jarvis fight for the Great Beings in the coming Battle of Mordor, and after consideration, he agreed, having been in hiding for too long.

During the battle he killed many Rebels. However, drowned in milk by The Guy Who Was Engulfed In Milk towards the end of it. After Jarvis' death, Ferox was freed from his control and proceeded to absorb most of the equipment in his lab, before escaping through his portal gate. This means that all of his work was lost... although it is possible that it remains somewhere in Ferox's mind.

Alternate Universes[edit]

In "Uterio's World", a reality where the Rebel Alliance lost the war, Jarvis survived the Battle of Mordor and went on to lay a trap for Nadle, the leader of Malchior IV's defenders, who was promptly killed. After the planet was forced into submission, Jarvis was contracted by the Great Beings to design new kinds of military technology for them. He created a new kind of robot called the "Omnidroid", which was then mass-produced and released onto Malchior IV to crush any pockets of resistance.

When the versions of David Robert Jones and Nadle from the OU were captured by the Knights of the Great Beings, Jarvis and Ferox were assigned to interrogate them. However, it turned out that Ferox had managed to overcome Jarvis's mind control, and promptly murdered his former master by punching him through the ribcage.


  • It was later revealed that shortly before his mysterious disappearance, Jarvis was due to be married to Etende.
  • As Jarvis was a liar, it is possible that he was actually much older than he claimed to be, as he was not seen inventing his Elixir, only brewing it from a recipe in his head. This would explain how he built Muta, who arrived in the Matoran Universe before Jarvis could possibly have been born.
  • Jarvis, along with Kensa and Etende, first appeared in the BZPB spin-off RPG Heat the Soul.