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Jale is a rogue User who works as a mercenary. He has a tendency to take the money, do the absolute minimum required of him, and run. At one point, he was hired by the Hand of Ocelot to help defend their base. He fought Zev Raregroove, but when Ynot joined in and fired a black hole at him, he decided to cut his losses and leave.

Many years later, Jale resurfaced, now working for Blackout. He broke onto the In Amber-Clad's bridge and held Zev at gunpoint. Zev attempted to reason with Jale and get him to leave, but what finally got him to break ranks with Blackout was the Makuta's tendency to order him around constantly. He used a smoke bomb to spell out the words "You're both lunatics", stole a shuttle, and ran away, never to be seen again.


  • "Never, ever tell me what to do flub."