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Species Name: Irumok

Irumok'dolgh (Irumok's Tongue)

Body Type: Humanoid
Main Planet: Alghikk Prime
Society Type: Tribal/Villages

The Irumok are a race that have only recently been revealed, with the notable member of their race, bounty hunter Blegnekk. While it is unknown if all of them are like Blegnekk, if he's anything to go by, Irumok are uniformly short of temper, hold grudges for long periods of time, and distrust most others.

Biological Traits[edit]

Humanoid, Irumok are very tall and have rather long, thick necks. However, when not on their four known home planets, Irumok must wear full-body life support systems to live. This is because their lungs only work in the presence of spores that permeate the air of these four planets.


Very garbled and choked-sounding, something about the Irumok language makes it so almost anything they say sounds like they're very angry. They use 'gh', 'r', and 'k' syllables very heavily, and seem to have a distinct, peculiar version of common nouns - i.e., 'for' or 'with'.


Only four planets are known to support Irumok naturally - Alghikk Prime, Alghikk Major, Alghikk Minor, and Alghikk Micros. This is because these four planets are home to gigantic flowers called Rhil'ghu. Released from these flowers at all times is a pollen which has permeated the atmosphere, and while non-harmful to all known races so far, this pollen is critical for Irumok to breathe unaided.


  • The name of the species was partially inspired by the name 'Huragok' from Halo.